I'm back. Again. Need some advice.

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Dual problems of "What do I play" and "Halp".

Before I quit (before MOP) I was playing this priest over here <---

Now that I'm back I don't think I could re-learn how to play her to the point I could spam LFD to get enough Justice to get heirlooms for Monk.

The three classes I'm tempted to level are Hunter (have heirlooms for this one, cept weapon), Warlock (Have full heirlooms for) and Monk.

Since I want a heal-o-matic Monk the suggested stats priority is int, right? Well the only int-based heirlooms I have are two pieces of Paladin mail heirlooms and the full caster set. I'd love to get my hands on the Druid heirlooms, but again, I'd either need to spam pvp for about a week and pray I could re-learn DK or Rogue. Or the more terrifying option, trying to re-learn priest. And if I take that route, start praying to whatever gods you believe in...

So here is the crux of my question: Forgo monk until I have the appropriate leather int and stam heirlooms, use my cloth int heirlooms and just NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT STOP JUDGING ME THEY ARE ALL I HAVE, or suck it up and just pvp spam until I can trade enough honor for justice to get what I need?

Thanks in advance.

Ps: Tried to sweet talk a GM into helping me refund some heirlooms. I'm not as sweetly seductive as I thought I was. :< (That or I rolled an one)
Just level the (MISTWEAVER!) monk in the cloth heirlooms.

As long as you know what you're doing (and it looks like you do), no one will ever question your gear.

Cloth heirlooms are THE BEST bang for the buck.
I agree that there's no reason to not just use the cloth heirlooms for leveling your MW.

But I want to point out out that you don't have to run LFD to gather JP, either. Just trying to run 1 Scenario and 1 Dungeon a day at 90 to get the VP bonus generates more JP than I can find ways to spend. So while the run from 85 to 90 will take a bit of time, if you want JP, that's the fastest way to get 'em.

But more importantly, JP isn't always the best way to get heirlooms. If you buy the quest turnins for the Darkmoon Faire, have professions at at least 75, you can get a piece of heirloom gear per month for each character on a server that's over level 15. 2 handers will take 2 DMF's. And you'll usually gain a level (nearly 2 at lower levels) until you get up to around 50 or so on the characters turning in the quest items.

Going with MW monk would be fine, but I'll also encourage you not to give up on the priest. Unless, that is, you don't like the class anymore.

LFR is no problem as priest, especially as discipline. In a group of 6 healers, smite healing is very viable, and you just keep an eye out for emergencies and for when you need to pop cooldowns.

Personally, I find leveling as a priest harder, but only because it's more tedious. I've never taken to shadow spec much, so I tend to level as disc. I'm very hard to kill, but I'm slow.

Anyway, my opinion, for what it's worth. But since your priest is 85 already, you might give it some thought.
You'll be fine just using the cloth heirlooms, especially for lower levels. That's what I used for my resto shammy so far up to level 50 and still doing ok, though idk about monk since I haven't tried Monk healing yet.

Also in regards to the leather heirlooms, I believe they are lowering the cost of them in the upcoming patch, well I'm not sure if they are lowering the cost of the first heirlooms or the upgraded ones. If it turns out they are lowering the first heirlooms cost then It'll be much faster to acquire them.
I might also suggest that if you decide to level the Monk, get yourself a guild tabard (at Friendly I think) and wear it while questing. The 50% one would be fine.

It won't take very long to raise your guild reputation up enough just running around questing to purchase the guild heirloom leather pants, helm and the cloak.

Fill in the rest with whatever cloth heirlooms you've got and don't forget the trinkets if you have them ;)

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