Neolutum is recruiting a progression 10 man

I know this is going to sound odd but we're actively looking to recruit a progression 10 man raid. By progression I mean a raid that either currently is or is aiming to progress competitively in a 10 man environment. We currently run two progression 10 mans (one if 3/13 heroic, the other 12/12 normal)

Here's what we can explicitly offer.
- Complete autonomy. I have no desire to run or ruin your raid. I just want you and yours to join our raiding family. 1-2 of your members would be made full officers to have access to our valuables and to serve as advocates for your raid as we integrate.
- A healthy population of progression raiders with whom you can interact and do off-hours Challenge modes/Scenarios/Dungeons/RBGs/etc ...
- A website with your own individualized recruitment form for your raid as well as your own forum on our site to coordinate/plan/chat and of course mumble.
- We provide 100% of your gems/chants/potions/flasks/food.
- We are happy to recruit all the friends and family you have as well, we appreciate and support non-raider members.

Here's what you need
- A competent, experienced, proven raid leader.
- At least 7-8 progression raiders who have proven past experience. (ideally you'd have an entire functional raid but we can work with you if you're a bit short)
- A willingness to accept a change of scenery.
- You cannot use EPGP (only one raid at a time can, and that's us).

We may even be willing to accept a more casual 10 man but my concern is largely sustainability of this raid. Either way feel free to find me (or Vistol) to discuss this with if you are interested. feralminded#1816
bump, offer is still on the table.
Bump for sheer madness
Also must like pie.
Just an update, we have temporarily ended our 25 man progression due to ailing attendance and are back at 2x10 man status. We would like to keep the guild healthy and in my experience this requires 3x10 to truly thrive. Talk to me or officers for information.
Autonomy, full support, long history, good people. What more could a progression 10 man want out of a guild?
A pony.
We are currently out of ponies but with any luck a new shipment should arrive by 5.4.
PONIES?! Why did I now know of the ponies :(
Bumping again. We like hosting successful progression raids and have a guild filled with similar-minded peoples. We have a history of success (though limited lately ... grumble) and pretty good sized guild full of fun people ... but there's room for more.
Bump for these cool guys :)
bump, still looking for the right people.

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