Tiny Shale Spider x15 for trade

Pet Battles
Perhaps someone has a need or desire to have 15 Tiny Shale Spiders lol i sure hope they do anyways. No clue what i am looking for as they are not worth much more then 700-1k each but feel free to offer as i myself do not care for the hassle of placing them in AH's all over servers.

No i do not expect a 15k pet for these but offers such as stones etc or maybe even if someone has an extra raid pet laying around and would like these so they can make alittle bit of gold on various servers.
Could toss you a Spawn of G'nathus
Heh your on my friends list already i will message you when i log on tonight.
Never seen Ablutos log on so this trade is still open.
Im on right now maybe you/i (my real id is basically full lol, only 2 spots left.) removed each other.
yep i still have you add'd lol says you logged off 7 minutes ago
Just curious, how exactly (or even better why) does one acquire 15 tiny shale spiders?
i have 40 of them. I farmed the heck out of Jadefang via cross realm before Mop came out!

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