Should I race change to Tauren?

Stupid cow necroing threads.
Taurens shouldnt be Paladins.
A) Taurens are giant cows. Paladins are supposed to be fighters of the light. Not a giant cow that eats grass.
B) Cows smell like $***.
C) Takes a whole bed spread to wipe your big fat @$*3$.

These are 3 prime examples of why a big stupid cow shouldn't be a Paladin.
The Horde shouldn't have Paladins at all.

Take your stinkin' Shamans back with you too!

I actually think Blood Elves are one of the most "light" classes. Draenei, Humans, and Blood Elves should really be the only ones who should be Paladins.
except belfs are addicted to "dark magic" if i remember lore right, nothing "light" bout that

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