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Wyrmrest Accord
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Tired of having to conform to one theme in an RP guild? Have multiple characters and ideas or want to be a storyteller...but can't find a good way to start? Or do you just want to enjoy all aspects of the game in a mature atmosphere? Even if you're new to RP, I think we may have a place for you. Read on, fellow Accordian.


Overture is a lvl 25 medium adult RP guild (18+) that welcomes PVE and PVP players as well. We are dedicated to creativity and the freedom to make your own stories within the World of Warcraft universe and even story-tell your own events. What we are mostly looking for are the kind of rpers who aspire to be storytellers, or are just driven enough to create, whether those creations be realistic and interesting characters or plots of your own. We enjoy using a dice system and some basic stats to enhance roleplay and give it a bit more of a realistic feel, rather than relying on pure cooperation or the luck of a simple /roll. Because of this, some of our events have been commented on as being very D&D like, but members also enjoy normal, casual RP in between. Because we value quality over quantity, we are and probably will remain a small community, but that does not mean that we don't have epic levels of fun.

IF YOU ARE NEW TO RP, Guildies are encouraged to help you out with everything RP, and we have ranks specifically made for players who want to learn.

All that we require for membership is this:

1. A good understanding of what RP is and how to do so in World of Warcraft. If none, willingness to learn and patience to wait to rise in rank.
2. Maturity. 18+ required with only rare exceptions.
3. A good-natured, drama free attitude.
4. Willingness to cooperate with your fellow guildies. Yes, even in an RP duel. (Roll system provided)
5. Lore-abiding, realistic, non-OP characters.
6. Decent grammar and spelling and readable emotes.
7. The desire to have fun!

If this laid-back style of guild is your thing, do not hesitate to send Miralath an in-game mail or message and visit this website. http://overture.enjin.com


Current Themes and Stories:

Mercenaries hired to keep balance in Azeroth. Currently on a deadly escort mission for a nobleman.

Villains for Hire (Concept still seeking members). Our antagonists are designed to work with other guilds and help provide the community with what is needed for fun conflict, while staying fair, cooperative and friendly OOC. These are also occasionally shoved into our own stories at a whim.

Stormwind City Vigilantes - A loose-knit band of vigilantes working outside the law to bring justice to crime inside Stormwind. Throwback to our old guild theme.

Stormwind, City RP and Pick-Up Adventures - A mission to keep good random RP alive and kicking.
Knock. Knock.
“Stormwind Guard, open up.”

Sunlight washed the quaint farmhouse in a warm summer radiance when Gerald threw open the oaken planks of his door. Filling the frame was a black-bearded guard, the gold of his tabard glittering with a ferocity that matched the severity in his flinty eyes. Sword and dagger hung from his belt, and an overall manner of overbearing authority crushed the farmer back into his household.

“What can I do fer yah?”

“Move.” Into the home the guard rumbled, his armor tinkling and rattling. He raked the sparsely furnished structure with eyes that gripped and pried at anything suspect. “Wife?”

“Outside, sir. Feeding the pigs.” Gerald put a thumb to each band suspending his overalls. “Yah need something? I can get yah some watah, if yah like.”

“Unnecessary. Have you had any strange visits in the last day?”

Gerald shook his head, lips pursed in an expression of thought that betokened a delve into memories rarely touched after their collection. “Naw, don’t think.”

The guard’s lips curdled within the dense briar of his beard. “You think?”

Gerald’s straw hat bobbed precariously upon his graying pate as he shook his head. “Naw, sir. No one’s been here. Me n’ the wife been planting, s’all. Nothing strange. Do wish fer a lil’ rain, though. Been a dry season, hey?”

The soldier’s stare withered Gerald’s humor. He stood in silence as the still unnamed man rummaged through the contents of cabinet, disturbing it so effectively that a cascade of crude pots and pans clamored out onto the table and floor. He sniffed impatiently at the mess and swiveled back to the door. “Show me your wife.”

Gerald escorted the guard back outside. A field of growth still only stubble bathed in the afternoon’s light. Hogs snorted and grunted and squealed. “Right out here, sir. Name’s Ester.”

Behind the farmhouse they found a short woman who stood near a muddy wallow, where pink bodies rolled and flopped to devour their meal. An empty bucket hung from the crook of her arm. When they approached, she turned to them and produced a smile of such affability that both nearly forgot the homeliness of her face. The blood and dirt smeared over her body did not help matters.

The guard absorbed her disheveled bearing with a reproachful curl to his lips, but when he turned to look into the pen, his mouth parted to utter a soft prayer so convoluted with expletives that both Gerald and his wife giggled.

“What is that?”

The hogs rooted in the remnants of a red carcass that had been so crudely torn asunder that parts of its limbs still lay whole and unavailable to the animals. They ate with a fury, their crimson snouts slopping in the muck. A dark blue robe was hung over the fence, and near it on the ground lay splinters of a staff.

“The start, sir.”

The guard heaved and grunted as heavy arms wove around him like two thick pythons. He snapped his head to one side and hissed a plea at the farmer and his wife, who stood aside watching with yellow-toothed smiles.
“No, no,” the voice whispered, quivering with passion, “let your lips go loose and close your eyes.”

The knife slipped into his eye socket like a shard of ice, heralding an icy blackness.

Great people, great RPers! If you're guildless and interested in RP, consider Overture definitely. Especially if you're a Storyteller!! :)
Great event, great story telling.
All sorts of hell is about to go down tomorrow night. Woo.
We are...OPENLY RECRUITING outside guildies for our Westfall storyline. All the information you need is located here:

If you'd like to be a part of this, please fill out an app here:

And be sure to mention in your thread that you are simply applying to be in the Westfall storyline. Once approved, you are approved for any and all open storylines in the future, even if out of guild.
Still seeking. Try one of our events. You won't regret it.
*slaps back to top*
Welcome, Tharnan, our newest recruit!
Approval ratings rising, but we need more folks to make this sandbox style story truly active! Remember, you don't actually have to join my guild to participate. Just throw in your app with some info and I will contact you.

So far the plot, as I've been told, has been exciting and full of suspense, with a place for almost any character type. Have a look and you will not regret it.
Slight thread update to the OP.

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