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05/16/2013 09:44 AMPosted by Bavra
I've been looking at that program for sometime actually,

I wouldn't use the program that was posted. That looks awfully like something that will automate for you. You are on a highway to ban town if you do that. Just work within the framework of the blizzard macro window.

Yea, that seems to be something that worries a lot of people. It's a very open ended program. I was looking at this thing where a guy was trying to bind foot pedals so he could use them to as strafe-left, strafe-right Lol.
While using only a keyboard to heal may provide enjoyment to you, the enjoyment of the other members of your group will be far less. I, for one, wouldn't care to run with you.
If you're doing it at low levels (trial) with only a couple of heals at your disposal *and* you are limiting yourself to 5 man content it should be do-able as long as you are pretty nimble in the finger department.

Party members 1-5 are already bound to your F1-F5 keys (you can bind them to whatever though). One way of doing it would be to write some macros that enabled you to Flash heal while holding the shift key + F3, WoG while holding the Alt key + F3 and Holy Shock while holding the Ctrl key + F3 (just as an example). You only have access to 3 modifier keys which gives you 4 options if you count holding down nothing. So target + 3 different heals works for that. Once you start adding more complexity to your abilities it starts to lose it's efficiency. It also starts to lose it's efficiency when you have more than 5 party members. You then need to devote more muscle memory to remembering which key corresponds to the 3rd party member in group 4 (or whatever). You could conceivably squeeze it out to 10 member raids (some BGs) but I think it would be difficult to scale it any further.

So TL;DR It's doable at low levels with few spells and small parties. Anything beyond that you'll hit a wall based on key combo limitations and muscle memory limitations.

Edited to add, you might also run out of macro space as Blizzard doesn't give you that many.
It's possible with 5 man content to not use the mouse to heal. It's going to be nearly impossible to heal without using a mouse to play. The biggest challenge with the first scenario is that of player selection - the players don't get placed into specific party member slots, and you'll be fumbling to select the desired party member via the keybinds. Your tank is often the first party member, but is almost as frequently they will be the second party member - but can be any member of the party at other times.

I always upon entering a dungeon determine which keybind selects the tank, and 99% of my tank healing is "target tank via keybind if he's not the target already, cast spell via keybind" since that let's me look and move with the mouse. (I keep the tank as my target for most of the run, and watch target of target to see the boss frame most of the time).

Originally, I was doing the same for every party member (target, cast) although I was not targeting the rest of the party via keybinds (only the tank) but instead by clicking on their frame. Now I do most of my party healing via mouseover macros.

I have Vuhdo mouse binds set up as well, and do make heavy use of them to cast Rejuv on the party, as well as removing curses and the occasional Swiftmend - but find that it's much much more convenient to mouse over and keybind cast than it is to mouse over and mouse cast via the Vuhdo bind much of the time, because I can move via mouse and still cast instant spells via keybind, while I cannot mouse move and mouse cast via Vuhdo simultaneously.

However, all this presumes that you (still) make heavy use of the mouse, even if you are not using it to cast healing spells. You won't be able to target and keybind cast if you are using the keyboard for all of your movement unless you are stationary. And without the ability to mouse look, your visibility is horrifically crippled. (To the point that I don't see how you could do any group content, and you'd always be keyboard turning to look as well as move as well as trying to target as well as cast.

When looking at tools like the one linked earlier, remember that any tool that allows you to chain a series of actions to a single keystroke in a manner that cannot be done with an in-game macro you are breaking the TOS, and risk disciplinary action.

I don't really heal much anymore, but...

During Cataclysm I occasionally healed 5-man Cata heroics on my holy priest alt. I usually did so almost entirely via keyboard. As many people have suggested, using F1-F5 to target party members and then pressing the right keybind for your spells works fairly well.

The main problem I ran into is that often I would target the wrong person, either because I hit the wrong F-key, or because the F-keys didn't map exactly to the party frames on screen in the same order. Once I figured out I had this problem, I targeted everybody at the beginning of the instance so I'd know who was on which key, and mostly worked around that issue.

I also healed the occasional raid, and there, it was simply impossible. You just don't have enough keys to target everybody with keybinds. And, using a well-configured addon with mouse button bindings to spells is much more efficient, as long as you can stand still. I eventually got very good at moving with the keyboard, and the keyboard and mouse combined, which helped a lot with this.

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