HPally LF Raid/Challenge Modes

499 (working on it!) MS Holy and newly (487) OS Prot.

Available Saturday, Sunday, Monday and any night after 12:30st.

Would very much prefer not to leave my guild, been raiding with them since BC, but i quit in Cata and lost my raid spot. A recent merger gave us 2x 10man teams, but summer killed Raid 2, and we havent had the numbers to get a raid going for about a month now.

Exp in 10man ToT is only 1/12 unfortunately, but i've been raiding a long time (Cataclysm excluded) and am a quick study. I'm still sort of new to Paladin raiding, but feel comfortable as Holy. I would be willing to Tank so long as you could put up with a few hours of Derp while i get used to doing it in a raid environment.

I don't have to have a permanent spot, for now i just want to raid.

Same goes for Challenge modes. I got a group together of my guildies, but so far for the last 3 weeks no one has been online for it. Reply here or in game Qrazi#1842, and we can talk. Thanks for the read and any/all considerations!
Just an update. Everything MAGICALLY fit together over the last day or so and the raiding is taken care of, mostly.

Challenge Modes still needed... >.>

I'm no stranger to wipes. Dedicated, faster learning, holy or prot pally LFG. PST. And hey if you know what you are doing in Challenge Modes thats a plus, but im willing to spend the time wiping with fellow CM noobs to get it done.

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