<Cupcake Factory> 3/13H LF Heals w/ OS

Area 52
Greetings Area 52!

The realm's purveyor of tasty treats is looking to add some new batter to the mix! RL has packed and shipped some of our sprinkled pals away and we're looking to refill the case!

Raid times: 11pm-2am EST/Realm Tue/Thur/Sun


4/16H with a few raiders running Openraid groups for heroics. Group is 11/16H

We are looking for a healer with strong DPS offspec! Druid is preferred.

We are a group of mature adults, with children/wives/jobs/lives outside of gaming, who enjoy coming together and slaying internet dragons. We are not "hardcore" by any means, nor are we casual. We like killing stuff with people who are fun to be around!

For more info, whisper Eeshee, myself, or anyone else in guild.
You can also reach me via battletag: Kai#1941
Top of the mornin to ya!
Oh Jen... The Garthim have always come.
Boojay,boojay boojay....
Made some changes
Most likely moving my toon horde side on your server. Poke at me if interested. alt code for the e is alt 137
Add me to battle tag =) I have too many alts to keep track of server friends lol
Hooray for alt runs!
Between <Flux> and <Cupcake Factory> we've got about 7-8 people running on Fridays.
Would be nice to have a consistent healer/dps OS and 1-2 reliable dps. Lust class preferred.
Talk to me, Handtwoslay, or Cohesive for details!
Arkham Horror... most epic 4 hour loss in a game.
Dead birdy!
Mage spot may be filled. Still looking for protadin and leaf!
I saw the guild name and thought it looked familiar. Werent you on Burning legion? I was going to move there but your post about how it was dead stayed my wallet. Good on you for moving up.

free bump.
Hey gel I might be interested in tanking for you. Look me up tonight kellivas#1246
And what's up with the Friday alt runs? Cuz it's Friday and I have alts
We have about 8-9 people with alts between CF and Flux. Handtwoslay is usually the one who sets them up. Or Boutwospanku (I think is his druid. Can never spell it right lol.) We're mostly lacking a healer and lust.
Talk to me in game! Either on this character or Skekses, my warrior. Or just, ya know, do the battletag thing.

05/31/2013 09:23 AMPosted by Sift
Werent you on Burning legion?

Negative, ghost rider. We came from Destromath. I did scour the recruitment thread however so maybe that's how you know the name. Or because its just plain awesome!
Thanks for the love!
What time do you start them. I'm home at 11 sharp. I have a Mage or prot/ret pal
The alt group runs when people are available. We're currently forming heh. The mage would be nice for the run. Adding you to battletag.
Won't make it tonight then. Maybe if someone drops after I get home
Hooray for fridays!
You guys need me tonight? Lmk I'm avail

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