<Cupcake Factory> 3/13H LF Heals w/ OS

Area 52
Will do! Sitting in queue for the moment lol. We might, not sure yet. =)
Looking for some people! Personality a plus!
Holy wow, its hot ><
Dolla bills yall
Supposed to be 107 here tomorrow, breaking the all time high record... Oh joy.
And it was 108. <3 it!
What's a bloodlust gotta do to get some hots up in here?!
Home, and its friday, and I have rum. Does life get better?!
You know nothing, John Snow.
Good morrow.
Hey ABBOT!!!!
Early to bed, early to rise.... Means you have a crap schedule for the week. =P Good night Area 52. About to make someone sitting in queue very happy. ;)
One more 3am shift for 2 weeks... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

You just sent the most powerful person in Westeros to bed without his supper.

#Father's Day
We'll put our hands up like the ceiling can't hold us.
Winter is coming.

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