(H) 524 Combat Rogue Looking for raid.

Name: Lenix
Class: Rogue
iLevel: 524 Combat/517 Assassination
Raid Experience: 2/13 H ToT

Hello, my name is Lenix and as the title says, I am looking for a new raid. I have been a long time WoW player and raider. Currently I have been playing since Cata came out, but previously raided all of BC. Since Cata came out, I have raided most heroic modes while they were current. While I won't ever claim to be the best rogue, I do feel I can hold my own and know my class very well. I generally take pride in keeping a high level of dps while also being able to perform other duties (i.e. kick). There isn't much to say other than I can provide consistent, on time attendance to a raid. I like to analyze fights and coming up with strategies or ideas when needed. And due to a fairly decent number of alts, I also have decent insights into classes other than my own.

I currently am with Insanity, but due to RL, a number of main raiders have had to suspend their raiding therefore leading to a dissolution of our main raid group. I prefer the 2 day a week schedule I had, but depending on times and days, I am open to adding more. Being east coast, I prefer something that will end no later than 12 midnight EST. Progression wise I am looking for no less than 1/13 Heroic modes if possible.

Personally, I tend to be a bit jovial. I like having fun and laughing. I am not above crude humor, as anyone in Insanity will tell you, but I also can be helpful and engaging.

I do have logs in case anyone needs/wants to see them. Feel free to whisper me in game or send an in game mail. Thank you for your consideration. glhf.

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