Prot in dps gear

Hello, ill start by saying this is my alt. I main a Rogue for DPS. I will be tanking on this warrior for alt raids in tier 14. We will have an over geared tank to main tank and over geared healers. I already know all the mechanics for each fight and I know how to tank.

So what I have done is use what tank pieces I have and just reforge, gem, and enchant my dps gear to prot. The goal is to get actual tank gear to be a sub if a tank has to miss for whatever reason.

Based on the stats you see on my armory will I be ok for MSV this weekend?

Thank you,
If you're just doing NMs you'll be fine.

You can ditch the tank pieces you have and just tank in your dps set.
Ya, just normals.
Your good to go man...... you can do all of T14 and early T15 in that gear and you'll be fine. But focus on getting that haste trinket replaced by a mastery or a stam one.

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