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Evening, all!

I am interested in rolling on a RP realm. Hydraxis isn't doing it for me anymore, and I've decided to try something different as I do not have the time available to commit myself to raiding for, most likely, a long time!

I am looking on rolling on a RP realm. I have a level 50 on MG at the moment, but I have found very little of what I'm looking for.

Ultimately, I'd like in the realm:

- Walk up RP, not just guild organised, or little "cliques"
- Active
- Alliance heavy, or at least an equal balance
- Friendly players

I'd rather it not be a Latin America server, other than that I have no preference! Any help, please? :)
I've heard good things about Proudmoore and WrA but can't say for sure.
Anything else ? :<
Really can't say much except just start making low levels and wandering around different areas of servers until you find the right one. Finding an RP server that fits well can be kind of a challenge as everyone has different goals for their role playing.
Cho'Gall Alliance. Heard it was awesome!

Just what I heard.
Wyrmrest Accord /raises hand

You can find a lot of walk up RP in cities. I don't even really RP much but I've had many occasions when someone walked up to me and started an IC conversation, and I just rolled with it.

But, the downside is that since CRZ you'll practically be on MG anyway. There are more of them on the server than us.

I've heard decent things about Emerald Dream also if you'd be interested in RPPvP.
Ravenholdt is an rp-pvp server looking for more rp'ers on both sides, so you'll be able to find a spot somewhere. They even have their own forum site where you can talk about rp and rp there as well. Talk to anyone on the server and they'll direct you to the site. If you join BARBARIANS (literally spelled that way), an Alliance guild, they can help you learn the basics and whatnot of rp and help you find an rp guild that works for you.

Another rp server I've heard that's good is Cenarian Circle.
I am on Earthen Ring which is a RP server but you don't see a lot of RP on it. I have heard good things about Wyrmrest Accord from multiple people. I have heard bad things about Moon guard from almost everyone lol. Moon guard has a bad reputation. I would try Wymrest Accord.
Wyrmcrest Accord or Sisters of Elune, but be warned : They both CRZ with Moon Guard, so avoid the Elwynn Forest / Goldshire like the plague.

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