<Chimera> Horde 12/12 Looking for Ranged DPS

Shattered Hand
<Chimera> is looking for several Ranged DPS, to round out our raiding roster.
If you are a Healer with a Ranged DPS Off-spec, or vise versa that is a huge plus!

We are raiding 25 Normal, Tues & Wed, and currently running 10's on Thurs 7:30-10:30 EST.

Currently we are 12/12 in Throne of Thunder. Join us as we progress.

Visit us at chimera.guildlaunch.com to check us out.

Please bring an equal amount of dedication, raiding awareness, skill, and gear (ilvl 515+) if you wish to be considered.


Contact Driconix, Panthos, or Runforit in game for more info!
bump for 4/12 & 25 man transition announcement
bump for 25 man action!
3/12 25 man!
Bump for 5/12 in 10 man!
Bump for 5/12 in 25 man!
Bump for 6/12 in 25 man!

Becks you'll always be welcome. Always
Bump for 7/12
7/12 for great justice!

P.S. Watch our kill videos! More to come! http://tinyurl.com/kpw3k8k
8/12 onward!
Bump for 11/12
12/12 for a few weeks now :)

Still looking for ranged dps! 515 ilvl or above, with experience, please.

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