Looking for a new home.

Hello all,

I'm looking to transfer to this server and am just curious if there are any guilds here that would be a good match for me.

I'm looking for:
- Laid back &friendly environment
- Mature 18+
-Good quality raiding ( enjoying who I'm raiding with takes priority over progression for me)
-Active family environment
-Not a huge faceless levelling guild
-Members who love to chat a socialize while playing.

If anyone thinks they may have the environment I'm looking for please replay and ill check back often. I have a 90 Resto Druid with 6/12 TOT, a 90 Enhance Sham, and a 90 Arms warrior who I'm transitioning to my main.

Thanks for reading.
We at Dark Sun Knights may be what you are looking for in a guild. Happy to speak with you in game. Related to what you've posted, I would have stopped raiding a long time ago if I didn't enjoy the company of those in our guild :)

Look forward to speaking with you :)


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