is my hardware enough?

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my processor is an AMD Phenom 9600 quad-core 2300mhz
4gb of ram and a GTX 650ti boost nivdea graphics card

and I can only run around 20fps in low populated zones

Is there another problem? or do I need to upgrade?
Pandaria zones or normal zones like Dun Morogh? What graphics settings are you on? What power supply do you have (might not be getting enough power to your GPU or something)

Unless you're talking about ultra settings in Pandaria zones or if your power supply might not have enough power, then I'd say a driver issue perhaps
650Watt power supply and in mop zones
how could I fix a driver issue?
Def not the power supply lol.
Go to, on the left side in the "Latest GPU Drivers" window click Find all drivers. Then Auto-detect your GPU.

It will tell you what the latest driver is and what one you have.
If you're still having issues after installing that (or if you're already on that one) then I'm not sure :(

Depending on your graphics settings the CPU might be too slow.. I have Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz and I get pretty bad framerates in MOP if my graphics settings are above good, in spite of having a GTX 560

But if that's even on relatively low graphics settings then I dont think the CPU is the problem and theres prob something else going on
ill check it out now
if I wipe my pc and start again think it will fix the problem?
That CPU is dated, but i'd try drivers first then maybe heat tests.
Video card is solid. What model is your motherboard? Maybe you can grab a cpu upgrade for cheap, because that first generation Phenom is slow.
if I wipe my pc and start again think it will fix the problem?

Maybe, maybe not. If it's a hardware fault then reinstalling Windows will do nothing. Make sure your hardware is all in working order before taking that step.

Gonna agree with the above posters. Your CPU is rather old and slow, but update your drivers and check your CPU/video card temperatures while playing to make sure they're not overheating due to poor cooling.

You can do this using CoreTemp for your CPU and Nvidia Inspector for your GPU.

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