Ret Paladin DPS (5.3)

still gona be the same since all the other classes r getting some buff but i can be wrong tho

Hunters, Windwalkers, Ferals, and Enhancement are the ones that are also getting buffed. Notice that they're all the ones doing poorly right now? The buff should still move Ret up relative to the top.
It's somewhere in the neighborhood of an 8% dps increase. We don't need that much of a tune-up.

So that would that put ret on top of warriors correct?
Here is the thing with Rets Equally geared and skilled players Ret will always fall short. It is great on damage as is, but when competing with people who is ranking on a lot of fights with top 10 parses Rets will lose. I love where it is at the moment I know where it has come from as far as dps rankings. So the damage increase will definitely help us out, but remember another thing we only have one dps spec as ret. Warriors, Shamans, Druids have multiple roles but 2 dps specs.
Ret now is nothing like it was back in BC. The only thing remotely similar, as far as I recall (never played Ret at cap back then), would be Inquisition in that it has to be reapplied every 30s - but at least none of our offensive abilities consume it like Judgment did Seals.

Quite a few things have changed since TBC, especially for retadin's. Ret pally's have had more class changes and more spec changes than any other class or spec in the game. In vanilla, a retadin's rotation was Apply Seal, cast consecration, cast Judgement. Rinse, repeat. We didn't even get inquisition until pre patch for Cata i believe. Your basically playing a class that even blizzard hasn't quite figured out how to maximize its potential for, until just recently.
Well if it is middle of the pack, it has to suck, right?

Paladins have an immunity, which is always good, and especially good for a few fights.
Raid magic reduction, very good on some encounters, bad on others
Sacrifice is useful for many encounters ( can also be used to dispel magic as Ret now )
Hand of Protection is useful for many encounters
Freedom doesn't have much use, but its still nice

I stopped reaing here...
Your basically playing a class that even blizzard hasn't quite figured out how to maximize its potential for

I agree with this part!
It was so nice of you to necro

At the very least, I would think you could have finished your sentence properly before pressing the big submit button.

Freedom is useful in today's raiding content for a few fights in particular, and sometimes if you have a lock, but it was nice of you to be useless and dig up a thread almost 2 months old.

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