494 Enhance Shaman Looking for Guild XFER!

Thanks for looking.

I had come back to WoW and joined my Server Arathor and it isn't meeting my standards at all as far as raid progression. I have been a long time raider and know what it takes to be a part of a good team.

I am an enhance shaman looking for a guild that does 10s or 25s regardless. I can make a 9 Eastern Time- whatever time kind of raid as I get off at 8 Eastern Time.

Additionally, I have other toons 80 war, 80 druid, and 80 warlock that I am looking to move and my 2 friends are Huntard and Mage looking for potential homes.
Hey send me a message, might have something you're interested in.

fouette #1140
Added, thanks for looking.

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