Tracerz GDKP Run

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NOTE - First GDKP starts on Friday May 24th.

Current Progression:

Have not started yet... Will be updated.

We will be raiding 25 man content and focus primarily on ToT

Bonuses for being in the guild
If you show up the 2nd week you are in the run you will receive free guild repairs for the entire raid week on that toon. Once you spend 30k in the GDKP Flasks will be supplied for the 4 hours you are in the raid, (If you are an alchemist you will receive 2 flasks) for the raid day. And other guild perks of being in a level 25 guild.

It aligns up with the purpose, as well it avoids all loot drama. Everyone wins.

Our raid times will be:

Friday @ 8:00 P.M. CST (Server time) for 4 hours.
(We will be starting 15 minutes early to clear trash).

Signup Link

Invites Information
By Tuesday, you should log in and set your status to accept.
I will then set peoples status individually to either confirmed or standby.


Confirmed - You have a spot.
Standby - You are backup.

Keep in mind that people sometimes do not show up for whatever reason, and thus we normally a few spots open that we bring people in from backup. So do not get discouraged if you are slotted as backup.

Loot Rules
All loot will be done via GDKP. For a rough idea of the system, please refer to other GDKP threads created by me that were prevalent throughout mid-end Wrath.

Rules of the GDKP
-Everyone is expected to perform at an acceptable level, as judged by the raid leader(s).
-An individual’s gear is not an indication of their expected performance. Highly skilled players playing mirror alts or roles that they are adept at will be considered for a place on the roster. They are bound to the same requirements as everyone else.
-Anyone determined to be intentionally impeding the run in acts of including but not limited to: not participating in the clearing of trash, the completion of encounters, being unavailable for contact, being unresponsive through in-game contact or through 3rd party programs, or hampering another individuals’ raiding performance (i.e. using Hand of Protection on physical DPS when unnecessary) will face penalties.
-In the interest of maximizing the efficiency of the GDKP, a 3 strike system will be used. An individual found to be at fault for any of the aforementioned reasons or as determined by the raid leader(s) will receive a warning. The second time a fault occurs for a player, they will receive their final caution. In the event that a third fault occurs, the offending individual will be removed from the raid and they will not receive their gold for participation.
-In the event that an offense is more severe than the norm, warranting more than a caution, alternative action may be taken by the raid leader(s) resulting in gold deduction, removal from the raid, a ban from further attendance, or other penalties.

Item Distribution
-A 3rd party program is not used for this GDKP. All bids are noted manually by the raid leader(s) and are tracked and communicated either in game or via VOIPs.
-An initial timer of 30 seconds will begin when an item is opened for bids, increasing in time by 5 seconds for every bid made on the item. The time remaining to bid can never exceed 30 seconds. (i.e. a bid made at 27 seconds remaining results in 30 seconds for all other bidders. A bid made with 3 seconds remaining increases the time remaining to 8 seconds.)
-Bids from 5,000 to 50,000 gold may be done in 1,000 gold increments. From 50,000 to 100,000 gold, increments of 2,000 must be used. From 100,000 to ∞, the minimum bid increase is raised to 5,000 gold.
-Master Looter is held by the raid leader. All items capable of being master looted will be subject to bids, unless otherwise indicated by the raid leader.
-All patterns, BoEs, and spirits are subject to bids at the end of the run. All BoE items will be done as a group. (i.e. 2patterns, 8spirits, 1 belt all in one bid)
-The agreed upon funds will be traded to the raid leader(s) prior to an item designated to the winning player. As soon as the funds have been transferred, the item will then be directed to the purchasing player via trade window.
Minimum Loot Bids
These numbers are subject to change.
522 Items - 5,000g
522 Weapons 10,000g
522 Trinkets - 10,000g
522 Tier - 10,000g

528 items - 10,000g
528 Weapons - 20,000g
528 Trinkets - 20,000g
Mounts - 50,000g

What Am I looking for?
Either alts from tier 1 guilds, or mains from other guilds. People who can commit to the schedule, have a great attitude, and have a decent amount of gold to start with. However, I am flexible on the latter.

Further Information:
Priority will be given to skill versus how much gold you have. Once you have a spot on the roster, you will own that spot. If you are asked to sit one week once we have content on farm, and a rich buyer looking to purchase loot, you will get a fair portion of the pot. The key here is, this will only happen when you are asked. Not showing up and expecting a fair share of the pot will not happen.

When you sign up, please provide any references in the comment section of your sign up if I have not raided with you before.

*** Penalties ***
-If you are not on time it will be a 5,000 gold payment to the pot for entrance to the raid (Even for standby raiders, everyone must be on time).
-If you completely miss a raid without notification 2-days prior to raid night (Friday's weekly) it will be a 20,000 gold payment to the pot for re-entrance back into the raid if you wish for a spot in later weeks.

*** Note *** You will be calender invited weekly. And will need to accept it by Wednesday.
We will be starting off with ToT, then moving into the next tiers, with plenty of heads up and will be after top tier guilds finish progression. This will be set up as a 25-Man instance.
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Life grip? naw son Mind Sear.
Don't come unless you can maintain 100% uptime on Shield Wall.
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You guys should bring some alts to this !@#$
I'll ask my guild if anyone would be interested.
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you only yolo once
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you only yolo once
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