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Am I the ONLY person who actually misses hanging out in the capital city, waiting in the que for my dungeon or whatever to pop? You actually had a chance to socialize with your realm in /2. Getting people out in the world seemed like a solution to a problem that didn't exist to me.

Or maybe it's 2am, and I should go home...
Trade chat nowadays is full of religion and politics. And the occasional trade.
Yeah it does seem slightly better since 5.2

People just keep whining about wanting to socialize in dungeons, and to remove LFD and all that non-sense. I got all my WoW socializing from my guild and /2.
eh i use that time to work on trade skills or farm. nothing beats farming herbs or ore while waiting for the que to pop. some nights it takes about 10-30 mins as a healer to get a group on my druid so i just use that time to help farm herbs for the guild so we can have pots and flasks in raids.
Good god no. I remember having to make a name for yourself and contacts in order to get a group for a dungeon. I remember that if you had a bad attitude, you got blacklisted and didn't get invited to groups. If you were bad, there were people willing to teach you the basics. If you were good, you were on everyone's friend list and invited at any time of day. Especially if you were a Mage/Hunter and could CC well, or a healer or tank.

I remember when servers actually had a community that didn't rely on /2 in order to interact. Sitting in a city for a queue was not a good way to interact.
DPS LFG H-MgT, pst

"u have cc?"
"No, I'm a shaman"
"lol nub"

DPS LFG H-MgT, pst

Repeat for hours.
Yes i remember this time too but sadly LFD and LFR killed it wow will never recover from it so you have to take it where you can get it. Used to only have 2-3 ignore blacklisted people and 20+ friends. Now its max ignore list of bads from lfd/lfr and about 3-4 friends.

I'm really only playing for friends at this point. I enjoy myself when I play with them, but can't bring myself to do anything on my own anymore. It's quite sad that my interest level is dead when it comes to anything but raids, or even battlegrounds with them.

I have yet to find an MMO I can sink my teeth into like NexusTK, RO1, or WoW. RO2 is sadly a WoW clone, Neverwinter doesn't seem too intriguing to me, and the others are just... well, not grabbing to me. Perhaps it's time I take a break from them.
Blizzard should just add a global channel for the whole server. We actually used to have two - WorldDefense and LookingForGroup. You could be out in the world herbing or mining, waiting for your queue to pop, and still be socially connected to the rest of the server. I'm kinda surprised we don't have this now, because it would be less reason for a player to camp in the cities, which was one of the main goals for MoP was it not?
05/11/2013 11:36 PMPosted by Thravius
Blizzard should just add a global channel for the whole server.
They tried that before. The result was a global trade chat.
05/11/2013 11:37 PMPosted by Daralii
Blizzard should just add a global channel for the whole server.
They tried that before. The result was a global trade chat.

and the problem with this, is?
and the problem with this, is?
Greater Internet F***wad Theory. Look it up.
I see no problem with global trade chat. If you don't like it, leave it.
It was really easy to get into groups in the old days. Trade chat used to be alive with people forming groups. Now it's just people talking nonsense.

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