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I am curious about human accents.

Gilneans have english accents.

I think the people of lordaeron (I was able to judge this from the only living inhabitants of the place) have german/asian accents (I feel like they just used asian accents to re-use voice actors)

Then stormwind has American accents. Westfall seems to be a texas accent.

What about the ones in other human kingdoms like dalaran or stromgarde?

Ideas or opinions? Anybody want to confirm/deny?

I also wonder what accents the humans in tanaris/uldum have.
Lordaeron was largely based off legends of Camelot, so far as I can tell. So they likely based the accent off that somehow.

In WCII it was described as being the Kingdom that was the most religiously devout. Blizzard maintained that in WCIII by making Arthas a Paladin and Terenas a staunch believer in the Light.

Heck, they even kind of kept the theme going in WoW by making the Forsaken zealously devout to Sylvanas. "Dark Lady Watch Over You", and all that.

*Looks both ways for the Ghost of Vyrin*

ANYWAYS! Arthas was also an inversion of Arthur. Only instead of uniting the land with Excalibur, he conquered and destroyed it with Frostmourne. And instead of Uther being Arthas's evil dad, he was Arthas's mentor and a good guy.
The Lordaeroni people have germanic accents. Listen carefully to the NPCs in Scarlet Monastary and Andorhal and Stratholme instances also the accents of Scholomance. The enemies have eastern European accents.
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What about the ones in other human kingdoms like dalaran or stromgarde?

Khadgar (Dalaran) and Danath Trollbane (Stromgarde):

Antonidas (Dalaran) and Jaina Proudmoore (Kul Tiras):

Jaina Proudmoore and Daelin Proudmoore (Kul Tiras):
05/13/2013 12:34 PMPosted by Jitzarbek

How are these anything alike?
How are these anything alike?

I wasn't saying they were alike, I was saying that there are some people who have asian and german accents in Scarlet Monostary (Brother Korlof or whatever the monk guys name is)
Russian. German/Russian.

Brother Korloff is an obvious Ivan Drago reference... who was actually played by a Scandinavian.

But yeah, people from the Isle of Caer Darrow have an extreme Eastern Europe thing going on - I have to assume all the other such accented humans originated there.

I just wonder where the heck Lady Blaumeux is supposed to fit in.

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