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hi there, can someone plz explain to me how this is possible

a lvl 4 who has been in our clan for 1 day and only played for about 2 min has earned 9600000 weekly guild experience, while my lvl 12 who I played and quested non stop, with 2 BG's thrown in (which we won) for 4 hours ( gaining 4 lvls in the process) only got 661165 thats a 8,938,845. point difference!I just don't get it....
the reason this concerns me is because the clan offers $500 gold to the player with the most weekly activity points, how is a lvl 4 who hasn't played out experiencing all of us?
I would take this to the support forums and report it as a bug. Even if they did somehow generate that many points legitimately, I doubt that it is intended.
Or it's a display error
well today he is lvl 9 and at 60,000 per quest he somehow managed to do 350 quests in 1 day and ...only got to lvl 9.....

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