How to get the "Ultimate Tamer" achievement?

Pet Battles
I currently have 275/300 achievement points, with only the "Fabled Pandaren Tamer" achievement (worth 5 points) left. I'm a little confused on how to get to the 300 mark; it's driving me insane. Any help?
Its for all pet related achievements. You have quite a bit of work to do in collections and leveling.
001] 150 pets
002] 50 rare pets
003] Capture 100 wild pets
004] Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor/Outland/Northrend/Pandaria Tamer (capture a pet in each zone)
005] Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor/Outland/Northrend/Pandaria Safari (capture every pet available on the entire continent)
006] Raiding With Leashes (buying them from the AH works)
007] Big City Pet Brawler (win a battle in all Horde and Alliance capital cities)
008] World Pet Mauler (win a battle in 60 different zones)
009] Start leveling your pets. A pet of every family to 10, 15 pets to level 10, etc

And those 9 options are a lot of combined achievements (004, 005, 007, and 009). You have less than 150 pets, which is crazy. I have over 500, and the bulk of them are wild caught. Also, a lot of these open up to "next step" achieves - get 150 pets opens achievements all the way to 400 pets I think.
Points via collecting
Points through battles
Points with leveling
Just search through your achievements :) click on all of them and see what all can be done.
Just like Cozzene said, there are a lot of achievements with multiple steps for more points.
I wonder if they'll raise the bar for this achievement in 5.3 w/ all of the new achieves coming in.

If not, you could always just wait.

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