Arms PvP gearing in 5.3

With the baseline 65% resilience, I see some classes like rogues and dks have already made plans to combine PvE and PvP gear for maximum effectiveness in PvP. What about warriors, where do we stand? Is it worth farming for some Raid finder TOT gear to get the PvE 2 Pc bonus which is "Your auto attacks have a chance to Proc enrage" or will PvP gear still be king for us?

Imo the current PvE tier 2 Pc bonus is less attractive than the one from the tier before that is "Your Mortal strike and Bloodthirst does 25% more damage" so I'm not sure if it would be better to do Normal HOF and TOES and get that instead.

And what about trinkets, stick with the same old on use pvp trinket or is there any raid trinket that will do a better job.

Any help would be appreciated. Tbh, I'm looking forward to having a little pve gear in PvP. One of the most interesting aspects of 4.3 PvP was a warrior with heroic gurthalak proccing 4 tentacles in a bladestorm which destroyed everyone nearby. Having all PvP gear is too bland and boring.
Farming PVE gear for PVP is retarded.
And yet mostly every warrior had a Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps in 4.3. I personally had my guild carry me for the Heroic 416 one although it was well into 4.3 by then and it was fun. I mean like serious fun.
I think the 4 pce bonus could be worth it.
Less damage overall due to the power loss, but more consistant burst with reck/avatar/banner up.
85% crit or so? Yes please.

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