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On the Alliance, the missions have become so typical that none of the flyers had come down. Old flyers that had been handed out of the civilians of Westfall, Duskwood, many countries that have been ignored since the rise of Pandaria. Those flyers have started to tear, rip and rot on the bulletin boards... Being ignored from those who still need assistance...

But, King Varian had wanted to bring more assistance to those who have been forgotten. With this, King Varian Wrynn had summoned one of his top Officers of Peace to bring forth these missions and to get the community back out there to help those in need. The name of this Peacekeeper is: Lunaxia Skydin.

With her re-writing all these missions; Lunaxia displayed them onto the bulletins all over Azeroth to notify the Alliance of what she is hoping to accomplish: getting the other voices noticed in the Alliance.

Hey there Role-Players of Wymrest Accord,

Are you tired of sitting around doing nothing at all? How about not meeting all the other Role-Players? How about not getting a story line? The terrifying realization that your character may not advance?! Then prepare to be amazed!

As of now; there will be an In-Character Bulletin Board where there are three missions per week that can help you advance your career. This will help with the community get together and of course: Role-Play with new people! You don't need to be in the same organization to do a mission. If you want a mission, claim it!

I'll give you the basic idea of what's happening below in the next post! But for now...

Happy Role-Play days my friends, cheers!

Lunaxia - Role-Player of Lunaxia Skydin of the Alliance
[ The Bulletin Board ]

Advertised Mission 1: Escorts Needed!

Sarah Wilson of Westfall is currently seeking experienced guards to help keep trouble makers from taking their luggage and supplies while they journey to Lakeshire, Redridge. The mission starts on Tuesday, May 21st.

To sign up for this mission, contact Lunaxia Skydin by mail or meet with her at the Slaughtered Lamb for more information.

Head Escort:

Advertised Mission 2: Patrol at Loch Modan!

Edrinn Stormaxe of Loch Modan is looking for some assistants to keep the Twilight Cultists from crawling into the village. He claims that the cultists have been killing the local rams as a ritual, and lately have been coming in to attempt to take civilians for a sacrifice. The mission starts on Tuesday, May 21st.

To sign up for this mission, contact Lunaxia Skydin by mail or meet with her at the Slaughtered Lamb for more information.

Patrol Leader:

Advertised Mission 3: Pushing back the Forsaken!

Sorren Shadeblade of Arathi Bassin is seeking for a group to help push back the Forsaken that have been pushing their forces towards Refuge Pointe. The mission starts on Tuesday, May 21st.

To sign up for this mission, contact Lunaxia Skydin by mail or meet with her at the Slaughtered Lamb for more information.

Leader of the Organization:
[ Rules ]

Okay as you see, everyone might wonder how this will all happen... But this is up to your "leader". I will give you the information on the beginning, middle and end, giving you an idea of what should happen in the event. You can do it however you want! But... There are some limits:

1. NO METAGAMMING – If you are caught doing meta-gamming, taking IC and OOC stuff and blending it together, that individual that you are targeting has a full right to inform me and you will be kicked from your group. Take the time to sort things out instead of lashing at them and thinking that they hate your guts when they could be sitting there singing a tune in their head.

2. NO HARASSMENT/BULLYING – If a player is caught harassing another player or guild, that member has every right to ignore you and report you to Blizzard. They will also let the guards or I know so that way we can warn everyone of who this player is to prevent more issues.

3. NO GODMODDING – If you are caught being a ‘god-like being’ over a Role-Play, you will be warned to correct it or else you're kicked from the group. Try and be realisitc: would you survive with eight hundred Forsaken hopping onto you with lances and swords and stuff? I wouldn't... I'd last probably ten minutes then I'm down!

6. PATIENCE IS KEY – When waiting for another Role-Player to respond to a post, just be patient with them and understand that they could be a paragraph Role-Player or they could go to the washroom after your post (which brings the next rule).

7. IF AFK... LET OTHERS KNOW AND PUT /AFK – Some people will be furious if you walk away without notice. It’s being courteous towards the other Role-Players and it helps show that you are being a Proactive Role-Player.

8. IF THE PERSON IS A DOUCHE = IGNORE AND BE ON YOUR WAY – Don’t dwell on others not being cooperative, even if it sucks that his had to end with you putting them on ignore. I’m trying to get us all to get along happily on this event.

9. HAVE FUN – It’s all about having fun, meeting new Role-Players and friends. I encourage everyone to start their own thing, get to know what everyone’s guild is like, and heck, you could slide an alt into the friendly guilds. I want you all to have fun, make new stories and get ready to have fun on this realm!
[ Questions! ]

Anyone got any? Also, I love feed backs... Feed backs make things stronger!

Also join the channel /join RoleplayForStory so that you can get the updates! And if you're a Realm Event Planner, just add it up on here! Let's try and get this to be sticky! And I'll say it again...

<Opening fluff!>
So will somebody be DMing these events or whassup in here? :O

Yes, your "leader" will be Dungeon Mastering the event entirely. With specific instructions about what the beginning, middle and end should be, they'll be creating their own plot with the group to see what happens.

This expands the creativity in the Role-Players and to allow them to grasp their own storyline... As well as bringing up new ideas! I love to help other event planners promote their events!
@ Ruthers - Definitely! I encourage it! ^ ^
Hmmm... Maybe I should just... I dunno, make a website about the Community RP? NEW TOPIC!
That's actually a really good idea. Whatever happen to that old boy who used to do the "real talk time" channels? I liked his videos.
Drahs took a breather from WoW for a month. And I found out where the website was. XD

This is a neat idea! Unfortunately, the next month is absolutely nuts for me, no time to take on additional RP projects. :(
No worries. I just need to keep working on it. XD
I am very interested in this for sure, though I have a bit of a question that I'm slightly confused about. Are there going to be actual and/or physical rewards for participating (such as gold and whatnot) or imagining ICly that there's a reward given?

Not that I'm advocating that's what it should be, far from it!

I'm merely asking out of pure curiosity (and future reference) if that the character's participating will be getting a reward for their service with actual gold (OOCly) or more of an IC reward (that isn't physical, if that makes sense.)

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