Trading for Bananas, trdin DarkmoonEye +4 tcg

Pet Battles
I am after:

Darkmoon Eye
Eye of the Legion
Gregarious Grell
Gusting Grimoire
Landro's Lichling
Landro's Lil' XT
Nightsaber Cub
Purple Puffer
Sand Scarab
Ji-Kun Hatchling
Living Sandling

Message me at Faelar#1331 with any questions. I'm willing to trade Darkmoon Eye + 4 tcg or 7 tcgs flat
Updated with more pets to trade
Just gonna toss out a few but I'm always open to haggle

6 tcgs
Darkmoon Eye + 2 tcgs
Son of Animus + 3 tcgs
But like I said I dont mind giving a slight bit more if needed. For me the bananas/hippo are in the 30k-40k range and tcgs in the 5-7k range
i'd be willing to trade my hippogryph hatchling for the son of animus and the darkmoon eye, if thats a little too much for one trade i'd go for the son and tcgs like you mentioned
message me in game, Faelar#1331
I'll be on in just a moment
Just after Bananas now
updated offer

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