<H> 4/12 ToT Recruiting Tank for perm spot.

Our raid is currently looking for a tank to fill a permanent slot on our team.

A bit about us:

We are currently 4/12 in 10 Normal Throne of Thunder. We use Ventrilo as our voice chat server, and have 2-member leadership (to keep power balanced).

Our current raid schedule is Tues/Wed/Thurs, 8:30pm to 11:30pm server time. After raids, we have brief meetings (lasting only about 15-20 minutes, if that) to make sure everyone's voice is heard and opinions are shared.

We are a very close-knit group of friends. Although there's always a bit of joking around and teasing, we stay extremely professional, courteous, and respectful towards one another as well as towards any PUGs who may join us during a raid. We frown upon people who are overbearing, rude, or condescending. We do not cuss people out for their mistakes. With our recent successes over the past week, we can testify that positive reinforcement and courtesy provide better results than profanity, punishment, and ridicule.

Any changes or decisions regarding our raid group are made after thorough discussion between all members; everyone has a voice. A decision/change/recruitment only goes through after a unanimous decision among all members. As daunting as it sounds, we all tend to have similar personalities; so, if one of us likes an idea, chances are we all will =)

What we are looking for:

We're looking for a Tank to join us, filling in a permanent spot in our raid group. We would prefer a Paladin, Monk, or Druid, to keep loot distribution balanced in the raid.

We are looking for a player who is interested in constantly improving themselves, willing to do research on their own class, and willing to do research on the boss mechanics in raids as well.

We don't expect you to be someone who's 12/12, geared to the teeth, and flawless. We understand that everyone has a learning curve, and we're more than willing to welcome people into our family who still need help gearing up. What we do require is that you're 500+ item level, and knowledgeable about which reforge/gems/enchantments you need for your gear. We're looking for someone who's willing to join our group of friends, and truly be a part of our team in performance, as well as in attitude.

Please contact Kagiskan or Riverbreak on Illidan in-game if you're interested! Our recruitment process is simple:

1) We invite you along to a scheduled raid. This is both for our benefit, as well as yours. We want to make sure your attitude will gel with us, and we also want to make sure we're a good fit for you as well!

2) After the raid is complete, we'll contact you again to either thank you for your participation, or invite you into our home to fill a permanent spot.

Hope to hear from you soon!
And a quick update;

As of tonight, we're actually 4/12, and we're pretty close to downing Megaera.
Shameless bump!

Still looking for a tank!

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