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Earthen Ring
Does anyone know or know how to get in touch with the player who's character is Columba (19 human lock) on the Alliance? I would like to talk to them, but haven't gotten any response from in-game mail - not sure if they've logged on and seen it even. Apart from in-game mail or here I have no idea how I would even contact them. Any suggestions?
Contact their guild leader/members if they are in one.

That would be the best bet.
According to armory lookup (not the page, which doesn't work for some reason), they are unguilded. :(
The armory page for that character is displaying the "Oops" message, which means that character hasn't been online in a long time, which is why you're not getting any response from them.
Aha! That's good to know. Other than the reasons on the page, I didn't really know what it might mean.
If it's the character name that you want, you can submit a ticket and ask for a GM to release the name and give it to you. They'll do it if the account has been inactive for a long time.
I did that already. Apparently the account is still active, so I'm trying to see if I can talk to them directly about it.
I have an idea that might or might not help..

Since you know the account is active, it makes sense that , this person is using that toon as a place hold to lock in the name on this server.

They may or may not have Identical named toons on other servers that they log onto currently. try looking up the same name on other realms and asking if they have a lvl 19 alt here that they forgot about?
Hmm, that's something worth looking into. Might take a while, but better than the nothing I have right now. Thanks!

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