Dad convinced me to get a GTX 780

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So I was planning my summer build and he convinced me to hold off water cooling and get a GTX 780 over an HD 7970. I kinda agree that a 7970 water cooled offers little increase over my HD 7950 Vapor X. The cost will be cheaper 1700 vs 2k, because now I will reuse my case as well. Ugh I wanna water cool!!!
The Corsair 350D is really really cool, IMO, water cooling or not. But I agree that a GTX 780 would make more sense than a 7970 given you already own the 7950 Vapor X. I'm not sure of the release dates of the 780 vs a potential 8970 from AMD though...
i don't think they've even announced the 700 series yet so it will prolly still be awhile.
I'm sure that you'll be able to find a water block for a 780 as soon as they've been out for a month or so, no reason to not get a 780 and then water cool it
780 is at the end of this month.

I am so getting one unless the 880 comes out before I save enough money
I will have to wait a few months to water cool everything. I am hearing rumors that the GTX 780 will not be 5GB 320 Bit @ 599, but infact 3GB 256bit @ 799.99... if this is true then I am screwn...
There are a lot of rumors about what the 780 might be. The latest ones tend to the 5gig/320bit card. Prices are, of course, completely speculation.

Should know more by the end of the month.
So, buy a pump, reservoir, lines, and radiator that you will be able to use now, and buy the appropriate water block for whatever card you decide on when you get the card
Well yongsa here is my issue. XSPC has an entire water cooling kit for 144.99. Includes a high flow pimp, a pay res, CPU waterblock tubing and fittings (I'd get compression fittings and colored tubing tho). But waterblocking 2x HD 7950's is gonna require more than 1 pump and the model of the XSPC pump is unknown and I cannot seem to match it. Swiftech makes FULL cover water blocks for the HD 7950 (there is a compatibility list) that requires nothing more than replacing the shroud and reapplying thermal paste. But running 2 pumps ugh...
This is what I am looking at:

I guess I could buy another bay res+pump and only use the pump?
I'm not sure how the pump/res combo is fit together, so I don't know if you can just yank the pump off the res in one of the XSPC kits, but you can pick up a d5 pump for around 100 bucks, and those flow a lot of water

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