<SN> is looking to fill its roster!

<Sambo Nation> is a newly formed guild on Illidan(H) looking to fill its roster for 25 man raids.

About us / Our Philosophy:
As stated above, our guild is a pretty fresh guild looking to pursue high end PvE content. We have a guild TS3 Server along with an experienced raid leader. The guild council and leader are frequently active and can answer any questions posed through this thread.

Our guild was formed out of a mutual interest in pursuing the content that this game offers while doing so in a social environment. Our projected raid times are: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 5-8PM Server (Note: these times may be subject to change.)

What does that mean for me?
It means that we are looking for players who are likeminded with our philosophy. We want players who want to play this game actively, want to socialize, and have an eagerness to advance through content. Because of this we are looking for players who are willing to dedicate themselves to this cause, not just for the sake of raiding but to make friends too (Because we believe that success and friendship coincide and create some of the most successful gaming guilds.)

With that said, at this point we are looking for anyone with ambition. We are willing to take anyone with any experience or gear, but do understand that we do plan on honing down our membership. We don’t want our social environment to be confused for not caring. We care greatly about our members and the advancement of the guild and we are looking for members who share the same feeling. That’s why we are going to weed out. Because we believe that anyone deserves an opportunity and that talent can emerge from any player given the right dedication. That’s why we are looking for people who are willing to learn boss fights, grind gear, and just hang out.

How do we contact you?

Look for Fèrocity ingame (Guild Master.) (alt 0232)
Look for Confide#1545 (Raid Leader.)

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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