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I'm looking for a good addon, that is up to date, which can keep attendance of a 25 man raid. It's rather annoying having to look to the list on paper/website/notepad then back to the current roster sitting at the instance portal.

Any thoughts or tips leading in the right direction would be awesome.

If this is not what you are looking for you can also take a look at some of the DKP/Loot addon many of those have attendance features.
That does look like a good addon but it is only showing Cata raids and does not give me what I need.

What I truly need is something that will hold a list of our raiding members and check to see if they're within the raid or not. This addon just takes a snapshot of who is in the raid.

Thank you for the effort though.

Check out Vranx.com he has a couple of others similar to this.
I think the best shot I've got is with EKWaitList. I'll just have to feed the list, prior to the raid when I've got some free time, and as they enter the raid it'll empty. So, the ones who are a no show will be in the list by the time the raid starts.

You've got better detective skills than I do gumshoe. I am glad you're working for our side on all this!

Thanks again.

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