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I just switched from a UI I had put together my self using various addons (grid, dominos, sexy map etc) to Elvui. So far I love it, though setup did take a long time, only because I wanted to have everything in a specific spot.

I do have a couple of questions, some of which I can find out through testing after work. But curiosity is getting the better of me.

1) with the party/raid frames will it show the party members role like the default UI? Example tanks have a shield, heals has a cross

2)Is it possible to move the map icons (DBM, atlas loot etc) to the outside of the map? They are still adhering to the round map edges which will allow me to get a couple outside on the left side, but I could not get them all out without it looking cluttered.

3) When I log in each time my player, pet and target frames are disabled. Not a huge concern, but still a minor annoyance. I do get an error that has Auctionater on 1 line so that may be the root cause. Has anyone else experienced this and were you able to find a resolution other than another auction addon?
1.Yes it will show the role, if you go into party frames you should be able to move the anchor where they are on the frames as well.
2.Those icons are anchored there by there specific addons if I'm not mistaken. Personally I simply remove them by unclicking show Minimap icon on all the addons.
3.I don't use Auctionater so I haven't experienced issues like this, I would encourage you to check out ElvUIs forums at TukUI.org and look for similar posts.
my party pet frame did not show up when i enabled it. Is there anyway i can get around it?

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