515 Mage looking for Late Raiding--11pm PST

Guild Recruitment
days of the week doesn't matter much, but must be
after 11pm PST


i'm currently 6/12, my work schedule changed and has limited my ability to raid at a reasonable hour in the US, so I formed my own group for this tier. due to the hour it has met limited pickings and we've been defeated many a night by the attendance boss, holes that just aren't filling as the gap widens between us and potential recruits. this has led me to strike out on my own.

raiding history:
yogg 1 light while current
49/50 ToGC 25, 50/50 10m
HLK 10m but didn't kill him on 25 til after Cata hit
joined Pure-Antonidas for cata and quit wow shortly after the new year. came back just before DS launched
H-Rag-post DS
H-Deathwing pre-MoP
16/16 T14 4/16H

aside from my brief stint in Pure, I've been with the same guild since Ulduar so my biggest expectation is a sturdy guild that isn't going to stop raiding 2 weeks after I join.

current guild: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/draenor/Trial+and+Error
logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/225227/
stream: http://www.twitch.tv/ktjn

feel free to contact me here or directly

We're looking for dedicated dps for a core raid spot. We're a mature, relaxed, progression minded guild which also has a lot of fun in 25 man raids. We're 9/12 in current content and finished the prior tier 4/16 heroic. Please check us out below!

Guild Name: Wanderers
Realm: Whisperwind (PvE) (Horde)
Server Timezone: CST
Raid times: Wednesday/ Sunday/ Monday 7pm-10pm CST (server time)
Loot System:EP/GP
Provided: Flasks, feasts, enchant mats, and repairs.
Website: http://wanderaid.com/portal.php
Raid Leader: Muireartach (ask for Gru)
Battle Tag:Gru#1158

Recruitment: Core spots are available for reliable dps or healers. People do better when they play the class and spec they want to play, so recruitment is wide open right now. Ideal applicants would have a solid raiding history and >90% attendance. They would have a deep understanding of their class/spec, and the ability to use online resources to maximize their dps or healing. Raiders are also expected to have studied up on the encounter before each raid.

<Wanderers> are a 25man progression minded raid on horde-side Whisperwind(US-PvE). Our raid nights are Wed/Sun/Mon from 7pm - 10pm CST(server) time. We are looking for a few more able raiders to flesh out its 25man raiding roster and replace those who dropped unexpectedly at the start of the expansion.

Wanderers were founded day 1 of Whisperwind, and have raided ever since, finishing the most recent last tier 8/8H DS. The atmosphere is fairly relaxed as we strive to walk a balance between the casual and a serious progression mentality. We're a friendly group, the core of which has been raiding together since Vanilla. The guild membership base is mature with a standing age limit of 18+ that we do waive with a decent interview.

Please feel free to Muireartach or ask any guildie for Gru, or check out our application at http://wanderaid.com/portal.php (top bar -application- If you have any issues with this or signing up on the site contact us via email below.), or feel free to email one of the recruiters at Wanderaidrecruitment@yahoo.com
I appreciate the interest but i'm still at work during your raid times.

not going to bore you with a whole life story. short and sweet.

korgath server, alliance.

9/12tot in need of you!

tues/thurs 8-11 cst

if your still looking heres my b-tag
thansk again, but
11pm PST is a very hard set start time.
05/12/2013 01:58 PMPosted by Aprudeloree
thansk again, but
11pm PST is a very hard set start time.

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