<The Papaya Prerogative> 10N 2/13ToT

Aerie Peak
The Papaya Prerogative is a friendly, regular progression guild. Even though we are a relatively new group, we are server 11th, have 2 heroic kills down, and are pretty damn close on a third. We raid Monday / Tuesday / Saturday from 8-11pm EST (5-8pm server)

We are here to have fun, and kill bosses. Ideally, we are looking for commited, experienced, geared raiders, but are willing to compromise on the second two :)

We are currently looking for 2 dps to fill spots for people who are leaving soon

We run with a 35 man mumble, and have forums at http://papaya.enjin.com. If you want to chat more, feel free to chat with one of our officers (jahz, kenturse, morenn) or add me on realid (Malachi#1342)

Our current roster is

Lelanora - pally
Raz - dk

Jahz - monk
Morenn - disc priest
Eein - shammy

Kenturse - shammy
Zxathras - hunter
Aboynamedrew - spriest
Schou - lock
Emylis - mage
still looking :)
updated :)
update me as your mdps

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