Aionios needs YOU!!!

Aionios is looking for experienced, motivated, mature, and easy going players to fill our ranks! We are 3/12 ToT.

We are seeking quality raiders for our 10-man raiding group as we push into ToT, raiders should be appropriately geared for our content, fully enchanted, gemmed, and prepared.

Death Knight

We raid two nights a week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, starting at 7:30 server and ending 10:30 server. We're mostly laid back players and would welcome the same from our recruits.

Visit or contact an officer for details.
Bump for a good Guild, Miss you guys!
Miss you too Animacus! Thanks for the...

I see you're not currently recruiting a healer, but your raid times work so well for me I had to respond. If you ever need a fill in, please feel free to whisper me - I'm just pugging with this toon at the moment.

Good luck in your recruitment!
Bump...we are now in need of a stable tank to join us. any class except for paladins...PST an officer or visit for more information.

and to update our raid progress we are 6/12 now...get on editing your post bodhidhamar!

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