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I've been looking over these Oceanic threads and they seem to lack any fun. It's all seriousness and no play. Well here's something for fun! Rate the player's transmog above you!
I would rate myself 9/10. The match isn't perfect, but it's really close :)
10 for you, i dont have anything much really..
not even trying/10

sorry man
boring post.
10/10 Centorii, would run with through Ramparts.
I pride myself on my Monk's xmog set and get a tonne of whispers because of it, I spend more time refining this xmog than I do actually gearing up.
worked hard for over a year getting the final pieces to drop on my set i rekon ive done ok
give myself 11/10
^^ 8/10
give myself 11/10

i wouldnt :]

8/10 for neethe because of the off colour boots
10/10 I'm damn sexy (;

going for a kind of street brawler look? almost got there =)
ALRIGHT FINE! I'll spend some time to actually get the street brawler look.

5/10 :P
Might as well use the "Elite" Tyrannical Set as a Transmogrify since its just a Recolor now.
Ok guys, I got a new xmogs now, xoxo
rate my transmog 10/10
^^^^ 4/10 simply for the shockfactor... o.o :S

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