Fishing and sound through mute

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i'm trying to find something to play the fishing bob sound through wow sound effects, music, and ambient being off. basicly i like my music, or audio books and i use wow sounds while playing to know when i have caught something so i can quickly click back onto the screen since i am usually reading on my other screen, surfing wowhead, looking at gear blah blah. so i listen for the bobber and fish that way.

i was looking for something but other then stuff to change the noise or just muting all game sounds forever by changing some audio folder links i can't find something better. i know alot of my addons go through the master volume, weak auras, dbm, msk, elvui. but i can't find any addon that could just control this for all sounds, just for fishing, or how to get weak auras to play a sound when it hears a sound.

so perhaps a script, addon, or how to tell it to go thorugh master volume i would be much appreciated.
We don't really have control over individual sounds, but I believe FishingBuddy can emulate this by enabling the sound for a very short amount of time at certain points in the channel.

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