How to make a tidy plates theme?

UI and Macro
I tried using Tidyplates, but absolutely hated the themes that it has and makes nameplates look unattractive. I really like the WoW default nameplates, and while doing a search for some themes ( I found Simple, which I really like. But I wanted to make some changes on that, like move the level inside the bar at the far right.

I don't know anything about lua, so if it is required, does anyone know of any themes that recreate the default nameplate visual, with the normal Tidyplate debuffs function
Simple is very similar to default Quatre. Can't you just modify that one?
Yeah I sort of got it configured to how I want it. Only a few things that bother me that I'd like to try to resolve

* I don't know what that little bar is that's circled
* The white border when I target a mob
* I'd like to have the level on the RIGHT side and the HP on the LEFT side

If anyone knows how I could fix these little details and you have a character on Tich-H, I'll give you gold :D
The little bar is the threat widget. Go down and uncheck the box for it.

The white border shows your current target. You can choose not to highlight your target from the border options dropdown menu.

I'm not sure about the hp/lvl positioning. I know you can show lvl in more than one slots (bar, border etc) but not sure about health and not sure about relative positioning. Ask Danltiger (author) over at wowinterface Tidy Plates comment page. He's pretty good about answering.
The Warning Border/Glow under Health Bar Mode?
I think if you scroll all the way down to where the threat widget was, there's a checkbox that says show highlight on current target. Uncheck it.
Last thing, when I try to use some right click options in the portrait, I get Tidyplates has blocked this action. Stuff like reporting someone afk and focusing someone.

There a fix for that?
Hum. This didn't use to be possible for addons to do by right clicking. Blizz did add stuff in the latest patch to try and add that functionality back in for addons but there have been some complaints that it's still buggy and easily tainted. I'd copy the error and post it to the author here:

It's an inefficient way to focus someone though. What you really need to do is make a macro like

/focus mouseover

and bind it to a key (or just go to blizz keybindings and bind focus mouseover or focus target directly), and that way just press a key when you want to focus someone by mousing over/targetting them.

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