[H] 512 ilvl MW Monk LF ToT raid this week

Hello. I am looking for a raid the week of May 14th. I am an exceptional healer, and I'm looking for a full clear or close to a full clear this week. I am new to the server and have been trying to pug around to gain some rep and all has been going good so far. I have 11/12 killed, and attempts on Lei Shen, but have not downed him yet. Here are logs of my pug last week with the guild Fallen Glory:
I am available most of the evening on all days. If you are missing a healer for the week, I am a great listener and will do my best to fill the missing spot. I will preform the best I can! Thank you for your consideration. Feel free to reply to this post or contact me via Battletag, Demmy#1402.

Edit: I am now proudly 12/12N ToT! Thanks so much to the late night efforts of I Don't Even Like Raiding for the semi guild/pug kill!
Thank you to Relentless Onslaught for picking me up and including a Heroic Ji-Kun kill!
My current lock is 9/12, so if anyone needs a healer for the last section of ToT, feel free to give me a shout!
Good healer.

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