Hey!Looking to move here within the next week

At the moment we're a Daytime Raiding guild on Scilla. We've been around since Vanilla, and have a mixture of members from all over the place. Most of us are adults and do like to have fun along with raiding.

Sadly our server has declined over the last year or so. So we're looking to come to a more populated server, along with switching to Horde!

We are looking for a new tank, and even if we couldnt find a daytime raider on the server, it would be alot more attractive for someone to move here over Scilla.

So this is really a 'HEY' and we'll be seeing you soon <3
Welcome, new friends!
Hey there :-)
I have to admit, i'm not used to seeing a reply on a thread in realm forums :P it's so unheard of on Scilla.

Edit: Really like your transmog!
Thanks! It was fun to put together, mostly because I didn't have to run a bajillion dungeons and curse my crappy luck :P
Hah, i know what you mean. Decent transmog can be such a pain to acquire :P
Only Qtz in our guild.
:O Oh my, you look purty too!

And my avatar finally changed :D
So far its been enjoyable the day i've been here.

Sadly, someone decided to report our GM Whardy and officer Therogue for there names o.O Names they've had since Vanilla :(
Our officer is a rogue so yeah :x and Whardy's is his real name W Hardy.
Ahh well, its all fun and games, and good to be here!
Welcome to Thrall! You are much more appealing to the eye without the tentacles :P I have no idea why anyone would report those names, seems kinda silly to me. They could always try to open tickets to keep the names.
Thankyou! <3

Ahha, you know what worried more than the tentacles, the tail >_< That just never, ever seemed right with me :P It is nice to be back to Horde though, i went through TBC on Horde side, so its like coming home :P (sickening isnt it)

As for the names, yes they did, waiting on GM's now. :D

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