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From the title...it's been about halfway through cata when I took a break from wow and now I'm back!! I am so unfamiliar with the changes that have happened. I am trying to choose between my rogue, hunter, Druid, priest or warlock. I'll tell you what I liked and post what I plan on doing and hopefully I'll get some help :).

Rogue-level 59, I love the sneaky part about rogue..the poisons, the cc.
Hunter-level 50. I loved being at range with a pet and being able to kill people fairly quickly. I enjoyed kiting and how they could escape pretty easily from sticky situations
Druid-level 55 (I think). I enjoyed the healing mostly, I liked the HoTs, damage wise I loved being able to spread dots on everyone around me
Priest-level 55. I really enjoyed the fears. The healing was great, I was always holy. I enjoyed the dots part of shadow and putting them on everybody.
Warlock-level 51. I got slightly bored by this level, however I did enjoy that dots part of it.

I will be focusing on PvP content. I enjoy seeing lots of big numbers, numbers flying around my screen. I'm also competitive. I want to have the potential to top damage meters or healing if I were to heal...I don't mind being pure dps either. I want to be able to long onto this class everyday and have a good time. I don't want to have to depend on cooldowns to be able to kill someone or keep someone up. I want it to take very much skill to play and master. this sound like any class?

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