[H] Portal 10man 8/13H lf melee & boomkin

Guild Name: Portal
Faction : Horde
Website: http://www.portalguild.us
Progression: 8/13H ToT
Raid Days/Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30 -- 11:30 p.m. EST
Loot System: Open Roll w/ rare Loot Council for balance

About Us: Portal is a mature guild with roots starting in 2005. Our name may have changed over the years but our focus has not. We're in this for end-game raiding in a friendly and adult atmosphere. We look forward to progressing and competing in all raid content, and are excited to see the new challenges coming from MoP.

About Portal:
Portal is a new name for a veteran guild. Originally founded in 2005 on Thrall, after a few years we moved to Quel'dorei. Ultimately after a few more years, in April 2011 we made the decision to move to a more populated server with better opportunities. We chose Turalyon because of its population, mature player base and overall server progression. We've been around for a long time and know how make a guild work. We are currently seeking like-minded players to fill our roster and contribute to 10-man progression. We are not only a strong raiding team, but also a long-standing community. When we announced our transfer to Turalyon, all of our raiders came with us, and even the vast majority of our socials . We're an adult community that positively impacts both our server and our guild. We strive to represent our guild with dignity and treat each of our members with the respect that they deserve.

Portal uses open rolls with the rare application of loot council. We apply loot council in rare instances to eliminate hoarding, get new recruits loot quickly, allow for off-spec gearing, and treat everyone fairly.

Raid Times:
Portal is a 3 nights per week, 3 hours per night (a total of 9 hours per week) progression guild. We raid:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8:30 PM -- 11:30 p.m. EST. Raid invites begin at 8:00 p.m. EST.


We are a tight-knit guild with a raiding roster of ~11-12 players. Every raider gets a chance to raid to prove themselves. We do not recruit for the bench, however we do run with the consistently best line up available to maximize progression and minimize gear dilution. Having said that though, everyone (including officers) will occasionally spend time outside the instance.

With the ability of our raiders to competently switch from one toon to another, the classes below are not to say we need each of them. We are currently looking for possibilities from the following, to mix and match the best raiding roster possible:

Frost DK


What is expected of you as a raider in Portal:
  • Play your class at a high level during raiding encounters, have an in-depth understanding of your class, and possess the ability to make quick decisions and react accordingly
  • Show up on time ready to raid. Attendance is key when raiding with our guild.
    Be a team player that fits in well with the guild overall.
  • Have Mumble with a working microphone (you must be able and willing to speak)

Why Portal:
  • We are continually building and rebuilding our progression guild, raider by raider -- a team that enjoys raiding together in an adult atmosphere.
  • We believe that everyone deserves respect. You'll never hear a raid leader scream at you for making a mistake.
  • We believe that quality progression can be made with an accessible schedule.

What we do on off nights:

While progression raids take up 9 hours per week, our members are active on off nights and many run alts in 10 man content or rated battlegrounds/arena for fun. PvP is not our focus, however, we do have a number of members who are interested and actively running this content.

How to Apply:
Visit our website at http://portalguild.us and fill out an application. All of our applications are private and can only been seen by the applicant and members of our guild. After you have filled out the application, you must check back to review any comments/questions on your application. If we feel that you might be a good fit, you will be contacted for a mumble interview.

For more information:
Visit our website at http://www.portalguild.us. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information or have any questions. Our website is the best way to reach us, however you can reach Mortigi or myself in game (ALT 148 for the funky ö in my name), realID Authority#1650 (reference recruitment) or via the "Contact Us" on our website.
still looking thanks
still looking thanks!
thanks looking still
apply now - what else you gonna do between hotfixes
still looking thx
Still looking!
apply within go thanks!
H Horridon down - 3/13H.

Still looking for more!
just looking for that beast of a tank.
still looking thanks
thanks looking still
tank apply within thx
still looking for tank thx!
tank plz thanks
Still looking!
People still tank? lies
Still looking for a solid tank and 1 ranged DPS, prefer a Mage or Boomkin.
lf tank and a mage or boom thx!

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