New Fury Warrior.


Recent I have gotten my hands on 2 LFR 502 weapons. I also have a 522 sword, and a 502 LFR version of it (Zerat). My question is, should I go with the 1h DW or go TG. I have recently looked over the guide and I still cannot seem to answer this question

Also, should I gem for CRIT, and ignore socket bonus as long as I keep hit/exp cap up? I am thinking of swapping my chest our for a VP valor one next week.

It says in the guide that both TG and SMF are about equal in terms of dps. TG will excel in aoe dps whereas SMF will come slightly ahead during execute phases.

Always stack crit afaik. You need a lot! Ignore socket bonuses.
Everything ive heard is there pritty equal. TG would give you better wirl winds where smf would give ya better exicutes. Id just go with the better of the two Ilvl wise.
I decided to gem all crit and ignore bonus on my armor, still maintaining my Caps. Is this the way to go in your opinion?
All crit is a bad idea. Just on your gear, you should match the bonuses in legs, shoulders and chest.
Don't forget to prismatic socket your swords if you can with the 5.1 legendary. Also since it looks like you're getting pretty deep into ToT normal, might wanna consider your professions to give a nice, juicy bonus =)
how do i socket my prismatic socket to my sword?
how do i socket my prismatic socket to my sword?

Get the socket. (buy it from the valor vendor in Townlong or from the vendor near Wrathion).
Right click the socket.
Click on one of your weapons.
I didnt realize there was a Pris for weapons. Thanks Aiy. I aquired two new tier set tokens. MAXDPS states that Prot Shoulders are better dps upgrade. should I just get the dps 1?

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