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Anyone interested in a guild of circus like performers and entertainers? I am thinking like a band of traveling gypsies. We will have shows if anyone is interested in performing. My inspiration is Cirque Du Soleil.

But we can just be a bunch of performers, Bards, acrobats, animal trainers and I can see some arena style competitions thrown in there.
Hey Dere!! Da Cirque be comin' ta' we need performers, we need animal trainers, acrobats, singers and a skilled Champion to offer duels to all interested! We might even offer some free for all at Gurubashi. With prizes for the last one standing, as well as the first to die!

This will be an event based rp guild. Now accepting auditions. Come and showcase your talents, even if its pet battles!! Casual rp, nothing hardcore or drama laden. Fun first!! Stress makers will be booted!!

Don't know how to rp? I will be glad to help you learn!
Hahnai is now in Cirque and looking for more friendly entertaining folks for a lighthearted fun guild. Casual rp and lots of fun while we level.

Learning to rp? I have lots of time to help you get started and get some practice.
We are growing slowly, still lots of room for more people, I will be starting a Circus Tales thread with our exploits and performers adding their stories soon.
We are now at level 2 and growing. Still looking for fun loving talented writers and storytellers to join me and my friends. The guild is casual. No fancy rules and restrictions. The rp is up to you, your story is always welcomed. I do not mind off the wall characters and misfits. As long as we stick together and help each other. I am not wanting drama, just friendly people. Any race, any class, any spec. I am accepting death knights and any level.

I do expect to interview you in game and get a feel for your character. I am a bit wary of total evil, so that would not be a good fit. If you are looking for a military or hard core raiding guild look elsewhere, you won't find it here.

Do at least have a good knowledge of lore and the basic rules of rp ettiquete. If you need a refresher the guide at the top of the forums is good. Check out my Cirque Chronicles and know if you are a member I invite you to share your story there as well.
Hey I be wantin to interview some hunters and maybe a few dancing bears (druids) I tink a animal act would be fun to coordinate. Lions and tigers, panthers and other wild critters in a dashing fun act of coordination.

We can still use more warriors and paladins who want to be part of the circus. I can see a lot of potential here. Use your imagination and come and join me!!
We have several openings yet for performers and fun people who like the circus! We have several druids, all three specs, would be fun to have a hunter as an animal trainer. Anyone ever dream of being a clown? How about an acrobat or a strong lady? We have openings for any class and if you want ideas on how to rp a performer I am glad to help!
I am very interested in this one! A very original concept for RP. I do have an Alliance hunter (70) that I've been wanting to faction change for sometime.

Hm, yes. Troll hunter does sound good!
I would welcome you hunter. You are on Cenarion CIrcle, right? I am more than willing to work with anyone who wants to re roll a new character.
Actually, I would have to transfer, but it is in my agenda to get away from the 'lovely' Moonguard.

Please, add my battletag: Zaris#1670 and feel free to contact me ingame!

This is a very good idea!
Although I love to see more people come to CC, please be aware we are not a large heavy pop server. Hordeside rp is very light. We do have a lot of Alliance rpers. I like to think of it as more quality than quantity. But it does depend what you bring to it.

I suggest you roll something here first and check it out. We have an rp chat channel if you join hordeooc. Make a hunter or whatever and contact me in game via mail if you want.

I do not do battletags with a lot of people, it has led to some strange things in the past. Let me get to know you a bit first. I am online now on my alt Hahnai.
Oh, of course. We've all head our fair share of strange people. No problem, once I'm home I will talk to you!
In case you did not realize it, I am fascinated with Cirque Du Soleil. I base my guild off the premise we are all performers in this world of one kind or another. I love the whimsical, sometimes dramatic and often comical and spectacular shows.

I do not expect the people joining this guild to do anything this fanciful, but I do encourage creativity and imagination. Want to be something different? Something not normally found in your run of the mill guild? Please come and tell me your idea. Let me help you flesh it out and give it virtual life and still keep it lore compliant and set in Azeroth.

I leave this for you to enjoy. Take inspiration, get creative, and come and talk to me!!
I know its summer and a few threads have popped up with people looking for a summer home for rp. I highly encourage you to join Cenarion CIrcle and the open chat channel of /hordeooc .

There are not as many here as there are on Moonguard or Wyrmrest. I like to think a smaller community can be rewarding because the people are friendly and willing to rp. We still share CRZ with the big servers, so you will find your friends that way if you wish.

And we still are looking for more people!! Guild is currently level 5.
Okay I will make a new guy on your server right now. Should I just add one of you?
I made a guy named Gremol who is a Tauren. I added a few of you so I know when someone is on so I can get a invite :)
I'd like Leon to be ringmaster if possible, and with any luck, I'll soon have one of my hunters on CC for a lion tamer. (we'd need some kittehs for the act. I have one but my computer's being a pain atm so I can't have both accounts going at once)
Online right now if you want an invite.

And yes I agree to Leon being a ringmaster!! Good idea.
How about a horned lion for the act? Or a big burly dancing bear?

Lions and tigers and bears, oh, my!
I love to dance, and swim and fly,
My horns are small and dark.
Nature's swiftness sends my healing
To my friends, hard at work.

If by chance you feel my wrath,
Then a friend you may not be.
Lightning strikes the common foe,
Sunshines on you my enemy!

Stars and comets striking down,
Battle rages in the storm!
When you think you have me caught,
Don't blink, for I have changed my form!

And yes I am a poet too. (takes a bow)

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