Holy Paladin PvP Problems

I haven't read many of the threads here so I don't know how much this has been discussed, but I know that most people would agree paladins are performing very poorly in arenas this season. They have received several nerfs after last season because Blizzard thinks that they were "over-represented." Let's be honest, how many paladins in top tier arenas were playing with a warrior and hunter? And we're the ones getting the nerfs?

What is wrong with paladins in arenas right now?

- They are too susceptible to CC. Shamans have grounding, tremor, shear, riptide, earthshield. Priests have death, guise, and absorbs. Druids have shifts and hots. Even monks will have two trinkets next patch. Pallies have two sacrifices every 3 minutes and bubble every 5.

How to fix them?

- Well for one thing bubble being on the GCD is extremely dumb. How many times have you died in the global after getting a heal off? And how many times have you bubbled out of CC to have your partners die in the global? Far too often.
- Make sacrifice undispellable. Really... it's stupid.

There are many more possible fixes, these are just some steps in the right direction and are just my opinions. Let me know what you think.
I can say the change to the pvp 4piece set bonus was a MAJOR NERF that was not noticed by most. However, it obliterated of mana pools and caused muxh more opening for interupts by having to cast flash of light for HP generation.

My strategy has shifted to placing EF on my parter and spam flsh lights to syart the fight with decent absorbs. I also use diving plea after.

My survivability is top notch. But my mana is a major issue.

I would appreciate feedback to keep my mana up. I usually disengage and drink multiple time a fight to win.

Learn to love repentance, rebuke casters as muxh as possible.

I'm finding myself more and more in melee range to intergrate my interupt.
Sorry, should have posted this on my paladin lol.
Yeah I welcomed another holy power builder with the 4-piece bonus. I did for a week or so find myself with no mana ever. I countered this by reforging for crit and spirit, the quicker and cheaper DL's were nice in between using my FoL. I was really comfortable with around 10.5k mana return in combat, but its changed to around 9.8k with gear upgrades( still comfy ) lots argue that mastery is better than the crit, but more often not your mastery shield is being dispelled. Crit for quicker heals, for more downtime, it may just be my play style that makes this effective. Also who know after 5.3 drops today I may be trying something new, after some bgs of course for testing. I have full confidence though that crit will still outweigh the rest.
well u have to understand that in 5.1 where every arena rbg team only wanted pallies and druids and no chance was given to priest on any occasion high rated so yea they are gonna make pallies less appealing LOL. if people get choosy with classes/spec then it's time to nerf. Blame the players of wow who play with no skill and just choose the steam roll spec of that patch.

mages 3 button all u can eat sheeps and countless get aways LOL no wonders the best players in tich are mages LOL abn/cartoonz etc. they aren't good they OP thats why they good, skills my !@#.
Agreed, everyone else has something, we don't even have something to throw on someone when we're going to be CCed, like shields, hots or a prayer of mending type of thing

Not for nothing, but if you want to make a case, try to avoid hyperbole. There are several things we can use, one of which will actrually break most cc on US. We have tools in our toolkit. You can argue we don't have enough, or not the right tools. But saying our toolkit is empty is not going to persuade anyone of anything.

I'm not saying we do or do not need help. I'm simply saying that, at best, you're being disingenuous, which leads people to not pay attention to points you want to make, valid or no.

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