Burning Adrenaline.

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This ability was the reason Vael was the guild killer. It would systematically wipe out every single person in the raid if you didn't burn him fast enough, and cause loads of drama.

Can we get this changed to remove itself upon death of the boss? While I find it so much fun to try to burn him in the < 10 seconds it takes for him to cast it on me, I find it to be annoying on characters that can't soulstone themselves.

Dying because I can't kill him before it goes off is one thing. Dying 20 seconds after I kill him because the debuff hasn't ended yet is annoying.

Thanks. :/
Hate this... every damn time I get it as he dies
Burning Adrenaline only killed like 9-10 people in a kill, which included the tanks (1 tank, 2 mana users, 1 tank, 2 mana users, 1 tank, 2 mana users, 1 tank.... most 4 tanked it)

The real enrages, were A. Running out of tanks, and B, the 3 minute buff falling off and healers being completely oom from the insane damage.

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