Just transferred, LF Fri/Sat afternoon guild

Hi! I just transferred to Lightbringer and am looking for a new guild with fun and nice people. I am interested in a guild that is fairly casual, but also does occasional current tier progression raiding.

Here is some information:
- I work 9am-5:30pm Eastern (That's 6am-2:30pm Pacific) on Monday through Thursday, not including commute times.
- My best times to raid are Friday and Saturday afternoon and late evening Eastern time.
- I prefer to rest and relax on Sunday.
- As of this post, my fury warrior has an item level of 508, and I make an effort to gem and enchant all high-level gear.
- Before stepping into a current or near-current Normal raid, I always watch a guide video on YouTube.
- I am interested mainly in PvE (Raiding). I have little interest in PvP (Battlegrounds), but I am willing to do occasional PvP if needed.
- Due to real life circumstances, I may not be able to make it to every raid, but I will try to make as many as I can.
- I am interested in taking up some progression raiding, and am also interested in old raids (For transmog, achievements and whatnot).

Please reply or send me an in-game mail if you would like to recruit me.

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