Elemental and Cha-Yes Trinket

Dropped last night and I went to MrRobot. Showed it was one of the top
trinkets in the 522 iLevel (3rd bis i think it said in Absolute and 2nd BIS on
relative).. So I won it.. yay ?

So I'm raiding and the 1st time I used it procced like almost 3 times back to back
but since then it seems it takes 2-3 minutes between procs. Is that normal ?

2 part question. Since it's a Crit+ Trinket, would it be worth it to switch to SP trinket
when I use Primal Elem. Talent? Iv'e also forged out of Crit into Haste. Smart?
Should I leave it full Crit ? Mastery ?

Sorry 4 the multiple questions.
Hmm not quite sure the trinket you are referring to, but look up the item on wowhead, they usually show proc rates and internal cooldowns
In my brief experience with Elemental thus far in Mists, we have much less use for the actual crit stat than Mastery (up to its sweet spot at about 42% if you're running Echo) and Haste, mainly because crit has zero bearing on one of our main nukes, Lava Burst. However, the special effect of Cha-Ye's looks like it would be extremely appealing, because we're guaranteed to be dipping into its proc chance more often and more reliably than any other caster in the game, pretty much—to compete with Fire in that regard. You can reforge out of some of the passive crit, and let the int proc from casting so many freaking Lava Bursts work its magic.

I have no math to throw at you with the actual internal cooldowns or proc % chance of the trinket, though. This is just me looking at the trinket longingly. :B
Breath of Hydra and Cha-Ye's are our two top trinkets. Some people are trying to fight and say that the Lei Shen one is one our best...but unless I get the trinket and do my own testing, I'll never believe them.

The Intellect you gain from the trinket, converts into spell power for you and it boosts the damage of your pet. So no matter what spec you are, the trinket will still be strong.

Due to the new RPPM system that I've learned to hate, it's possible for you to get extremely lucky and see the trinket up for a solid 50 seconds in a row. On the other hand, it's entirely possible to see 0 procs in a 3 minute span. Since you have two RPPM Int procs, you'll notice that your openers now can fluctuate well over 150k DPS.

For example w/o Heroism, I've seen my openers be anywhere from 250k - 400k DPS (Primal Spec). If I get the Cha-Ye's and a heroic weapon, I'm guessing to see at least another 100k added to the high end. As cool as the big numbers are, it's incredibly frustrating for progression. I remember our first week on Heroic Lei Shen was built around having enough procs on our openers to push P1 fast enough.

Right now I'm reforging in this order:

Hit Cap > Mastery > Haste > Crit

My reasoning is purely based on having the Legendary Meta gem and the stupid Haste Proc trinket from Valor Points. This reforge is what I use since I'm swapping in between Elemental Blast and Primal. If I was ONLY Elemental Blast, I'd probably do -

Hit Cap > Mastery > Crit > Haste

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