Insane in the Membrane (v1000)

This is probably the thousandth time someone has posted about this title.. but here we go:

So as a bunch of us know, the achievement tracker /run AddTrackedAchievement(2336) is quite possibly bugged and does not show credit for a rep if you don't CURRENTLY have it.. For example; I had previously achieved Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers but after having read everywhere you don't need it at the same time as the Steamwheedle Cartel reps, I used cloth hand ins to boost my Steamwheedle Cartel reps to Neutral. The Bloodsail Buccaneers criteria is no longer highlighted in the achievement tracker.

I ticketed a bunch of GMs to make sure that it was just a bug but apparently they have no record of me ever having hit Honored.. Can anyone tell me if that's a bug or what? I definitely hit Honored with them and I don't want to have to grind all over again because according to one of the GMs a screenshot won't prove I hit Honored.. Can anyone confirm that the screenshot WILL or instances in which they have received the title even though the Bloodsail Buccaneers criteria wasn't highlighted?

Any help would be great!
IMHO you aren't insane if you lose a rep for the achievement.

There have been some posts recently that once MoP hit you need all reps at the same time. There have been conflicting reports. If in doubt go with the sure thing of all of them at the same time.

There is a quest you should have done that you can only get once you hit honored (i think?). The quest gives you a bag full of BSB gear so you can look like a pirate. That or you get a hat i can't remember. Regardless you should have the title which should be proof of hitting revered.

Edit: Apparently that quest is available at friendly with BSB so it wouldn't be proof.
Yeah that was the Bloodsail Admiral title.. but according to one of my friends (also doing the title and ticketing the GM because he also lost the bloodsail rep) that's how they check if you ever hit honored (even though you only need friendly to do it..)

There are many posts everywhere saying you don't need honored at the same time as exalted with the goblin reps so i just went along with that.. They just need proof that you got honored but other than a screenshot i have no proof.. you'd think that's enough though wouldn't you?
ok i've just done a test (which was to hit exalted with gadgetzan then kill shakes o'breen in order to hit revered again), the gadgetzan criteria stayed green but as soon as i logged out and back in, the criteria went back to being grey... sigh
Yes, it's bugged. Don't count on getting credit for it right now, and spend your time on Ravenholdt and DMF for now.

I've already tested this on Patch 5.3 PTR, and it's finally fixed there.

So I suggest waiting until then to continue these parts of the grind.
Just do them all at the same time.

It's better.

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