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Hello my name is hobbess. now u may be asking y im posting on my druid. because i can thats why.
Anyhow, I'm hobbess I'm a 520 Prot paladin. I'm 12/12n with extensive practice on heroic jinrokh and ji'kun.
I'm looking for a 10m alliance guild because i do not want to shovel out 60 dollars unless you want to.
Now when i say hardcore i dont mean someone who's gonna call the entire raid idiots when they make one mistake. But a group that will take raiding seriously, and proffesionaly. I do not like wiping on fights because a priest thought it would be funny to lifegrip someone into quicksand. I'm looking for when someone makes a mistake they know how to call themselves out. They dont need someone to call it out for them. People who know how to watch a video or something before the raid even starts, and just in general good people.
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/drakthul/Hobbess/advanced is a link to my paladins armory. So please take ur time and look things over. Do not come talking to me on my actual realm just post ur btag in the crotch and i will get back to you. Thank you for your consideration.
If you were willing to go horde we could use a tank here's our info.

US - Stormreaver - Horde
25 man Raid
Mon/Tuesday/Wed/Thursday, 9:00 pm - 12:00 am (CST/Server)
Out of Line is a 25 man raiding horde on the Stormreaver (US-PVP-CST) server. The core officers come from well established guilds for nearly six years and are looking for dedicated and skilled players for our progression core.

High Needs:
1 plate geared tank
1 Holy Pally
1 Resto Shaman
Ranged DPS
Enhance Shaman

or any other skilled Healer/DPS!!!!
Current progression: 3/13H ToT

We are a tight-knit group. We are always looking for like-minded, talented and dedicated players to pursue our goals.
If you meet our minimum gear/experience requirements we will give you a shot on a trial basis. If you perform well, interact and get to know our raiders, and help contribute to our guild's success we will consider offering you a full time raid spot. We aren't interested in players that just log on to get loot - we want long term, committed players.

The ideal candidate for a position at OOL is spatially aware, competitive by nature, experienced with the end-game content, patient, mature, able to follow directions, willing and able to learn, friendly and generous. The ability to attend 90%+ of scheduled raids is very important. Use of Ventrilo is mandatory, no exceptions. A working microphone is mandatory, no exceptions.
Thanks for your interest in Out of Line!
Wonka - Wonka#1307
Cyberthug - vincegalgano@gmail.com

Apply at http://oolstormreaver.com/ or feel free to whisper one of the names above for more info and such
Raid Schedule: Monday-Thursday 7pst-10pst
Loot: EPGP
Website: http://revenant.me

Current Needs:
Tank x 1

Shadow Priest x 1

Disc Priest x 1

Boomkin x 1

(all strong players are encouraged to apply)

Revenant is the oldest raiding guild on Echo Isles. The guild's leadership has all been on board for 6+ years - while many on the raiding roster have been in guild for similarly lengthy periods. We've continuously raided since Karazhan (BC). We have a laid-back atmosphere full of laughs, but when it's time for a tough encounter, we buckle down and get it done. If you're looking for a fun and steady raid guild, we're it.

Attendance is a must, if you're unable to make our raid times please don't bother applying. We are seeking talented players who take initiative to study their class and upcoming encounters. We require applicants to be 18+, team players who can follow orders, exhibit patience, show respect for their peers and move out of bad stuff. You should be gemmed, enchanted and forged properly with 2 maxed professions.

Where to Apply

The application process is fast and easy, if you have questions contact Greta, Pastafarian or
Real ID: Greta#1902
Seraphim of Area 52 is looking to add one exceptional tank and healer to our raid core at this time. Our current progress is 2/13 10H with both Jin'rokh and Ji'kun successfully defeated.

Our raid times are 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM EST on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The specs we are most interested in for each position include the following.
Bear in mind any player, regardless of spec/class, would be considered provided we felt they were a good fit.

  • Protection Paladin
  • Guardian Druid
  • Protection Warrior
  • Brewmaster Monk
  • Healer
  • Holy Paladin
  • Restoration Druid
  • Restoration Shaman
  • Damage
  • Warlock
  • Balance Druid

Information about the guild can be found using the following resources below.

Guild Information:
WoWProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/area-52/Seraphim
Website: http://seraphim-a52.enjin.com/
WoL: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/261033/

Any players interested in applying for these two positions, or looking for more information about the guild, can contact myself via battletag, submit an application at the guild website or leave a message in this thread.

Battletag: Batman#1882
Hey, going to be checking this thread often, however the best way to contact us is through either RealID, our website, or the simplistic tell system thanks :). We're Game Over on Eredar, we've been around since late wotlk, and have earned nearly every alliance first since our creation. We've cleared all content since our creation as well as countless alliance firsts in every aspect along the way. We've never cancelled raids nor ran shorthanded in our existance, we have a long tradition of close friendships within guild as well as a low-turnover rate among new members as we're very selective of new membership. We're a 25 man heroic raiding team with multiple alt/progression ten man teams within guild. 12/12N 25m Current progression. We pride ourselves on having a good community within guild, as well as a very large, and active playerbase. We dont have clicks, sects, or groups of people who dislike one another and squabble. Also for videos on us checkout GameOverEredarUS @ youtube. We also live stream all raids.

We're are a Pve guild, but we also host Guild Rbg's a few times a week, We're also big on arenas and preform bg's. We're Dkp based of which is wiped every new content as well as hosted on webdkp.com. We also run all previous content raids guild only throughout the week, we're big on achievements as well as transmorg here. We also have every kill listed on youtube as well with full video. We run guild only challenge modes daily, have all golds now long completed.

We raid Tue/Thur/Sun 8-11:30/12 EST
We're recruiting for core and bench spots in every team which run multiple varied days/times, the best way of contact is through real id however a forum app works well also. Looking forward to hearing from you

Site: http://game-over-eredar.enjin.com

Nudist ( GM ) Bai.sinn@yahoo.com

Ipsii ( Officer ) Nessnicole62@hotmail.com

TLDR; Version 12/12 Current content, 25 man core team, multiple alt ten man teams
( Previously deep into heroics for 5.0 content )
We cover transfer/faction for anyone exceptional that qualifies.
Raid times Tue/Thur/Sun 8:00-12:00EST
Recruiting for core
Best way of contact is directly ingame through real ID or whisper.
Hey I would definitely love to have a Prot pally on my roster add my battletag: lucrative113#1608 or my real id @ theterror285@aim.com would love to talk more about what I have to offer on vent
Hey add me @ lucrative113#1608 would love to talk

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