Demo vs Affliction

Looking at Blood Legions locks it appears they have choosen to go Demo on most fights for this patch although affliction seems quite strong to me is their any reason for this? Is demo ahead as far as dps or is it just a feel thing?
Depends on your raid comp. Demo has aoe good burst on demand and killing the adds as soon as possible is important which is kinda hard with affliction.

Let's just say that all 3 the spec are very competitive this tier but affliction really lacks the AoE damage. Spreading dots is fine but not on adds that die quickly.

I hope I answered your question.
In my experiene, demo is better than afflict just because of lag. Lag kills affliction, letting dots drop off before you can refresh them. Demo can just spam incinerate. Plus, chaos bolt just rocks.
Demo's burst AoE is what makes it more desirable on some fights, but I can assure you affliction is just fine. In fact, on some fights the 70% slow affliction can provide is amazing (Tortos/Council).

I've cleared every boss on heroic difficulty as affliction except Promordius (destro is just too fun on this fight), Lei Shen (the burst AoE of demo really helps for the last phase), and Ra-Den (and for this, affliction would work just fine).

I went demo more for enjoyment. I just think the spec is more fun and interesting to play compared to affliction, but if affliction is where your heart lies then don't change for anyone!
I've been affliction since creating this guy, so can't speak to Demo, however the comments on AoE are spot on. I still get frustrated on multi-mob packs and haven't found a happy medium of SoC/SB:SoC and DoTs, etc. However on single targets and bosses, I've been consistantly near or at the top DPS, including other locks (for some reason I almost never see affliction locks in LFR, which is the max level content I have access to).

Good luck! Affliction is a lot of fun to play, and the AFFDOTS addon makes a huge difference as well.
I'll add in my voice here; it's all about whether you need aoe burst or not.

Demo shines when there are adds that need/will die in less than ~10-15 seconds. Affliction pulls ahead when the adds will be up for a long time (full DoT run time).

To my knowledge, all the warlock specs are pretty close together on single target.

I myself am affliction most of the time with a destro offspec for aoe and burst fights (it also helps on dailies since quest mobs don't have much health).
Huh? Demo doesn't have Incinerate or Chaos Bolt.
Demo can just spam incinerate. Plus, chaos bolt just rocks.

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